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Global Classroom

An innovative teaching methodology for online internationalization

Universidad CEU San Pablo offers both graduate and undergraduate students a unique opportunity to enjoy an international learning experience from their classroom. How? By working with universities and other entities abroad to bring about COIL projects and mirror lectures.

Mirror lectures allow for academics from two different countries who teach a similar subject to share their teaching experience. Thus, students benefit from two different perspectives and their learning process is enhanced.

Additionally, Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) projects cater for learning innovation: CEU students from different fields work in teams within the context of a project or workshop. They do so with the supervision and support of both teachers, hence enjoying an international experience without leaving their country. The projects are also open to collaboration with professionals collaborating with NGO's, companies or other entities, whether public or private.

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Using COIL projects and mirror lectures requires applying innovative and pioneering technology which brings internationalisation to a wider array of students in their own campus. 

Both programmes are the product of the collaborative work of our schools with other international institutions and they are integrated in the syllabus in a selection of CEU courses. 

COIL projects

All our Schools offer internationalization projects at home thanks to our partners in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

The aim of CEU Global Classroom is to adopt an overarching approach which encompasses knowledge that goes beyond the classroom in order to allow students to develop intercultural skills, thus enhancing their chances when they join the job market.  

CEU Professors have trained in innovative online teaching techniques, which allow them to make the most of new technologies without needing to leave the classroom.

Universidad CEU San Pablo approaches COIL projects by applying different methodologies, which often confront students with the challenges of the future, such as environmental and urban sustainability, poverty eradication, public ethics, corporate social responsibility, responsible consumption, circular economy, the future of energy, the creation of strong institutions or the reduction of social inequality.

Through these case studies and challenges, students acquire the necessary competences for the analysis, critical thinking, and the proposal of solutions to social problems, from a global and multi-cultural approach, in line with our international commitment and values.

New international alliances

If you collaborate with universities or other entities (i.e. NGOs, companies, etc.) outside of Spain and would like to partake in these projects and become a COIL project or mirror lectures partner, don't hesitate to reach out to us to open a new innovative internationalisation teaching space from home with CEU Global Classroom.

A collaborative international experience

Nearly 50 international projects each year and more than 2,000 students from CEU and other participating universities. Some outstanding projects are: