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Our University Model

Excellence Education Model

Universidad San Pablo CEU focuses on an academic excellence model focused on providing a complete education to our students. Always building upon practical training and through the best available means and teachers, our graduates receive an internationally competitive education and have, from the beginning, direct contact with the working environment.

These are the keys to our academic model of excellence:

We offer education that goes beyond theory, it is linked form the start to real world issues and concerns which students will face when entering the workplace. At the University, education receives a practical approach and thus, place in state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest technologies in each field. In addition, we guarantee internships through our 9,000 agreements with companies worldwide. It is in our philosophy these ought to be essential for our students to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to fully flourish in their profession. Despite the recession, 95% of our master students and 79% of our undergraduate students are working in their respective sector when finishing their studies. In addition, we support the entrepreneurship of our students by providing the means and services necessary for them to successfully generate their own professional projects.

We are a global and up-to-date university connected to the main universities and research networks in the world. The Universidad CEU San Pablo is the only Spanish university that has international programs in cooperation with prestigious universities such as Boston University, University of Chicago, UCLA Extension and Fordham University. In addition, we also offer bilingual undergraduate studies, international mobility programs through more than 350 international agreements, abroad professional internships, the Summer University and frequent visits from renowned international professors. All of this is part of our commitment to provide students with a quality international experience.

We offer the best infrastructures and equipment available with the latest technologies on two university campuses. The means are available from day one to all students, so that the best practical education and the highest qualification and competences are ensured:

  • Over 80 teaching/learning and research laboratories.
  • An audiovisual center with sets, radio rooms, editing rooms, digital and analogue photography laboratories, the CEU Media production company, the Communication Agency, etc.
  • The most specific and advanced research centres available.
  • Facilities and grounds for all types of academic and cultural activities.

Our University is the private entity investing the most in scholarships and grants for its students in all of Spain. Our goal is to ensure that no student is put aside for financial reasons. To this end, we offer Merit Program scholarships, Merit Program 100 scholarships, charity-academic study grants, university study grants, singing scholarships and other public and private scholarships and study grants. All of them are granted to students after a detailed and individualized analysis of their personal situation and academic performance.

One of the main pillars of our excellence philosophy consists in dedicating a large part of our resources to research, and the search for talent. Our projects are oriented towards improving society and the world’s problems of today. Thus, we invest more than 4.5 million euros in research through 47 competitive projects.

Our programs of study are designed with our students in mind abiding by the paradigms of rigor and academic quality. This means considering the high content requirements of each subject and the closeness of the professors. This is the main reason for which our professors not only have an excellent academic background in addition to their outstanding teaching skills, but also experience in their professional field, as most of them participate in national and international research programs.

The university organizes hundreds of cultural, sports, volunteering, and pastoral activities, so that students can enjoy an enriched academic and extracurricular university experience full of possibilities. In addition to these, the excellent location of our schools allows students to enjoy Madrid to the fullest opening up further options.

Likewise, CEU Support Service model allows us to provide the student with a comprehensive orientation, from the pre-entry phase, his first years as a student, the last courses and even his graduation phase. The attention and follow-up of the student is complete and personalized, in the personal, academic, professional and spiritual dimension, including very diverse services (tutoring, academic orientation, emotional and health wellbeing, spiritual care, attention to special needs and others). We place the student at the center from a broad vision that goes beyond academic training.

For over 80 years the university has been educating students into outstanding professionals thanks to the best means and professionals available. The Universidad San Pablo CEU was created in 1933, making it the longest-established private university in Spain. However, time has only made it better as it balances tradition and experience while constantly innovating. This innovation ranges from the infrastructure and resources for students to the most modern education plans, allowing the university to become a pioneering institution in the implementation of new undergraduate programs such as the Digital Communication undergraduate program, the only one of its kind in Spain.

Our postgraduate offer contains over 70 master's degree programs that cover the most diverse areas of specialization and allow students to complete their education with the most advanced programs of study. In addition, our new PhD programs are a unique opportunity to approach research in any field imaginable, both social and experimental, in an ANECA accredited high quality environment.

The Universidad San Pablo CEU’s commitment towards excellence is reflected in the daily activities of our schools. The advocacy of research, the commitment to a quality teaching model, the promotion of our teaching staff, the international call and the established relationship with the business world can be distinctly perceived in our annual reports.

University strategic plan

Equality unit

The Universidad CEU San Pablo has an Equality Unit, to inform and advise the University on equality policies, to collaborate in the development of the Equality Plans of our institution and to promote policies, activities and diverse actions to promote equal opportunities within our university community. 

Our core values

Universidad San Pablo CEU is a private University recognised as such in the 8/1993 Law and created by the Universidad San Pablo CEU foundation, work from the Asociación Católica de Propagandistas (ACdP).

The legal framework which made this possible is constituted by article 27.6 of the Spanish constitution which is fleshed out in la Ley de Reforma Universitaria de 1983 (BOE September 1 1983), in the eight title sections 57, 59 and the Real Decreto 557 of 25 August 1991 (BOE, 20 April 1991), which lays a set of minimum requisites and requirements in order to create and institute new Universities.

In addition to the legal means by which private Universities are created, the San Pablo CEU foundation’s patronage presents before the Science and Education Ministry the University Recognition application form.

Once the University Council report procedure concludes, parliament approves the recognition of the San Pablo CEU University as a university through the published law in the BOE of April 20, 1993.

In the BOE 8 February, 1994 the Real Decreto 149/1994 is published. In said document, the Universidad San Pablo CEU is authorized to start their endeavour as well as to teach and homologate their imparted degrees and the approval of the corresponding study plans as contemplated in the Real Decreto’s annex. 

On 22 February, 1994 their royal majesties, King and Queen of Spain officially inaugurate the university.

Our ideals are based upon the Christian revelation and traditions, in the Catholic church’s teachings, in the ideals of the Asociación Católica de Propagandistas and in the experience of more than eighty years dedicated to the higher education by the San Pablo CEU foundation.

Our concept of man springs from the belief of their freedom, their ability to forge their own history, their orientation towards transcendence and their curiosity related to the origins and ends to their existence.

Jesus Christ is the centre to mankind. In its person and teachings, we find the individual and community existence model, as well as the guidelines to review the authenticity of the Christian conducts and criteria.

The Universidad San Pablo CEU is a participative academic community which based upon the Christian humanism aims to contribute towards the development and guidance of the individual as well as satisfying their social needs. 

Its compromise towards society is to contribute in the transformation of the Spanish society in order to have it serve all those composing it, especially those in need.

The Universidad San Pablo CEU has as an end goal the search for the truth. To this mean, it will at all times keep a constructive yet demanding and critic mentality which will be rigorously applied to all investigation programs. 

In terms of investigation systems and methodologies, the University prioritizes the integration of knowledge in the dialog between faith and reason and the ethical implications of the new scientific discoveries or postulates. Regarding investigation programs, the study of new methodologies and teaching methods as well as the optimization of the investigation and teaching procedures are prioritized. 

The Universidad San Pablo CEU offers to both public and private institutions, its critical spirit, knowledge and investigation capabilities to establish cooperation relationships and exchange programs with other Universities or scientific/ Cultural public or private institutions without boundaries or belief limitations. 

Universidad San Pablo CEU requires for all its students to receive a complete humanistic formation in line with Christian ideals. It promotes the creation of an increasingly just and fraternal society from the basis of the individual’s freedom regardless of it being inside or outside the university.

Universidad San Pablo CEU’s teaching programs include the mandatory professional training with a broader approach added to it. It speckles the academic teachings with cultural, ethical and social aspects to expand the basics without removing essential content. These programs aim at developing the necessary skills to identify, plan and solve problems through a critical mindset attending to the different opinions there might be regarding that subject. 

Universidad San Pablo CEU will promote the individual study and personal development of each student through the active participation and an intensive and personal tutoring follow up.

Universidad San Pablo CEU accepts its responsibility to foresee the changes regarding social, professional or academic requirements that may occur to adapt the degrees or study programs so that they comply with these new requisites.

Regarding third cycle programs, the postgraduate programs applied in scientific, professional or technical areas are the most relevant. These programs exist to provide a step hold in the student’s specialization process as well as in the recycling of its graduates and other professionals. 

The university is open to those with the basic necessary skills. Regarding the economic aspect, the university will help economically those in need and in the measure of their possibilities. 

One of the best testimonies that the Universidad San Pablo CEU can give of its Christian identity is the continuous process by which the quality of its services is improved, understanding as such the degree to which the University satisfies the legitimate expectations of society.

In particular, it will maintain an excellent scientific, interdisciplinary quality level, and will promote the education and study diversifications of its own teaching staff, in order to ensure an outstanding didactic level.

Universidad San Pablo CEU reserves the right to define its objectives and priorities and recognizes the academic freedom of its members, in exercising their duties and competences, within reason according to the established scientific principles and methods as well as the general ethics established in the Declaration of Principles.

Universidad CEU San Pablo has among its principles and objectives an exemplary ethical governance, characterized by full legal compliance, integrity in management, openness and accountability of information relevant to the university community, as well as the values of social and environmental commitment. An example of these values is its Transparency Portal.

Declaration of commitment

The university is a notable European invention whose aim since its inception was to create and transmit scientific knowledge and concepts. The aim was to criticize and peacefully debate all proposed ideas to solve any problems which society may have in a serving yet guiding manner. 

  1.  As all human beings deserve, I promise to treat my professors, classmates and all other university members with the utmost respect and dignity, abiding by the university’s code of conduct, avoiding hurting anyone both physically or verbally. I also promise to show a proper attitude and composure, both in and out of the university and to show the proper respect to all university staff members as they deserve.

  2. Abuse, injustice or arbitrariness should never be part of the relations between men, which is why I commit myself to serve others while avoiding any kind of unhealthy competitiveness.

  3. All evils such as wars, terrorism or genocides present in this world must completely disappear. I commit myself to renounce all types of violence and to seek a peaceful solution when conflicts arise.

  4. No man should ever feel alone, abandoned or marginalized, which is why I commit myself to ensuring my environment allows for the correct development of human interactions without marginalizing anyone.

  5. Evil, disloyalty and falsehood should never be a part of someone’s lifestyle, I therefore pledge that my actions, relationships and academic activities will be based upon goodwill, sincerity and truthfulness. 

  6. Selfishness, greed or pride as well as moral shortcuts should never be the basis of society, I therefore will accept the work and effort required to learn in this institution avoiding taking any questionable shortcuts. 

  7. As a happy and fulfilling job should be every man’s right. Thus, I pledge myself to fulfilling my studies and to never forget the opportunity I’ve been presented with and the chance to get an education. Hence, I won’t waste or misuse the opportunity and will pay back society for the received gifts.

  8. Poverty in the world must be eradicated, which makes me aware that my studies and work’s end is to serve the common good.

  9. True science should serve to liberate mankind and to progress society by making it more just. In addition, it ought to protect the environment and life as a whole. Hence, I commit myself to put my knowledge and studies at the service of progress, life and the improvement of society and nature.

  10. Life ought to have meaning, everything happens for a reason and thus everything is matters and has a deeper meaning. I thus commit myself to seeking out and finding the inner meaning of my actions and to pursue the truth that underlies everything according to the vision of Christian humanism.

University regulations