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Presentation of the Dean

Dear student:

The Law School at Universidad CEU San Pablo represents, at the same time, the solvency of the tradition of a Catholic university and the energy of innovation in the training of jurists.

Since its beginnings, the oldest private Law School in Spain, has developed a creative vision of the teaching of law and other scientific fields that are integrated in the School, such as Political Science, Criminology and Security and International Relations. With this perspective, a Master's Degree for Accessing the Legal Profession has been developed, in collaboration with prestigious law firms and with the contribution of brilliant legal professionals, and other master's degrees and postgraduate degrees accredited for years of remarkable results.

Our main objectives are:

  1. To train jurists and professionals in a comprehensive way, because responsible professionals are needed. They must have a training base and a moral attitude that will enable them to contribute to a transformation of society that makes it fairer and more caring.
  2. To foster in students the practical significance of the knowledge acquired, because it is not enough to transmit the contents of the subjects in an excellent manner: from the very beginning, the student must perceive the practical significance of the knowledge transmitted.
  3. To prepare students for a global future because it is impossible to think of a top-level professional today if they are not capable of facing a plural, increasingly internationalised and extraordinarily changing context, and in which their employability and professional success can sometimes be found in relation to very different cultures.

Our excellence is based on these pillars, which are those that have always characterised us. It is not only necessary for students to acquire knowledge: our main achievement is to contribute to their personal enrichment, encouraging argumentation and academic debate.

That is why we offer the students of the School the experience of living in a university community in which their capacity for critical analysis and proposing solutions in a global environment is cemented. This is what the Law School at Universidad CEU San Pablo represents.

Dr. D. Alfonso Martínez-Echevarría y García de Dueñas

Dean of the Law School

Dr. Alfonso Martínez-Echevarría y García de Dueñas

Why to study at the law school?


The Law School has an excellent academic personnel, in all senses: academic, professional and human. A large part of the teaching personnel has a research profile, as well as a teaching profile, working on relevant research lines and projects.

On the other hand, the Law School  also has magnificent legal professionals, who contribute not only theoretical knowledge, but also legal practice.


CEU has been training lawyers for more than 75 years. Moreover, always attentive to the demands of society, it is constantly improving its teaching programme. Without renouncing the best of classical university teaching.

We aim, among other educational aspects, to develop oral and written expression skills and argumentation techniques, the effective use of new teaching and learning technologies and greater contact with reality from the first year.


Our educational offer includes a bilingual programme both in the Bachelor's Degree in Law and the Bachelor's Degree in Community Law and in the Double Bachelor's Degree in Law and Business Management and Administration.

In addition, there is an international mobility programme with more than thirty agreements with universities in Europe and America, thanks to which our students have the opportunity to enjoy academic stays abroad, semester or yearly, such as those offered by the Erasmus programme.


More than 95% of its students get their first job within two years of completing their studies.

The most frequent professional opportunities:

  • Free exercise as a lawyer and solicitor
  • Legal advisor for companies and banks
  • State Administration Corps
  • Administrator in community institutions, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, etc.


Our facilities

  • Law School
    Facultad de Derecho
  • Law School
    Facultad de Derecho
  • Library
  • Library
  • Court room
    Sala de Juicios
  • Criminology laboratory
    Laboratorio de Criminología
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