Study at our beautiful campuses in Madrid

The University has two large campuses located in privileged areas of Madrid: Moncloa and Montepríncipe. Both allow you to study in a trend-setting and international environment, and have the most advanced facilities with the most complete services to carry out activities and practices: laboratories, research centres, computer rooms, etc.

In addition, located in the heart of Madrid, the University has a Polyclinic specialised in Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Nutrition and Dietetics, where real cases are treated, and students attend patients supervised by professors.


C/ Julián Romea, 23. 28003 Madrid



School of Humanities and Communication SciencesPaseo de Juan XXIII, 6, 8 y 10. 28040 Madrid
Law School c/ Avenida del Valle, 21. 28003 Madrid
School of Economics and Business c/ Julián Romea, 23. 28003 Madrid

Description of the neighborhood and its facilities

The Moncloa Campus of CEU San Pablo University is located in the Moncloa-Aravaca district, in the Northwest of the city. The Moncloa district contains numerous green areas, Casa de Campo for instance, a park which is considered as the most important green lung of the city. The district contains three neighborhoods in the central zone: Argüelles, Valdezarza and Ciudad Universitaria.
Besides being surrounded by students in Ciudad Universitaria, you will be able to benefit from the numerous cafes and restaurants that are located in the Moncloa district, including Calle Princesa, one of the principal shopping streets of Madrid.

How to get there (metrolines, buses)


Moncloa (line 3 + 6), Guzmán el Bueno (line 6 + 7), Islas Filipinas (line 7), Metropolitano (line 6)


Isaac Peral - Julián Romea (C1), General Ampudia (2), San Fco. de Sales - Andres Mellado (44)


Urbanización Montepríncipe – 28668 Alcorcón. Madrid



School of Medicine

School of Pharmacy

Institute of Technology

Description of the neighborhood and its facilities

The Montepríncipe Campus is located 35 minutes from the city center of Madrid. Montepríncipe is a residential zone with housing developments and is situated close to the mountain.

How to get there (metrolines, buses, CEU transport)

Public transport

You will find the Montepríncipe station on line ML 3 of Metro Ligero Oeste which you can take from Colonia Jardín (line 10). The fee corresponds to the B1 Zone. You can also take the buses 571, 573 and 574.

University transport

Students enrolled at the University can take a free university bus which departs from Plaza de Castilla (on the corner of Avenida de Asturias) at 7:45 and 13:35 or from Moncloa (Moncloa bus station and Plaza Marqués de Comillas) at the same time. The bus leaves from Montepríncipe at 14:30 and 20:30 in the direction of Plaza Castilla and at 14:30, 18:30 and 20:30 in the direction of Moncloa.