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'I understand that the first thing in the work of education is to conquer the heart, with a love that is understood and appreciated, with a kind treatment and concern for their joy'.

'Education has the power of a second nature; but God gives the first. From this follows the importance of choosing well those who are to be educated, and, consequently, the necessity of knowing them and appreciating their qualities'.

P. Ángel Ayala S.J.
(Pedagogical practice; Training of selected students) (1819-1900)


Welcome to your School of Economics and Business at Universidad San Pablo CEU; a School that can boast decades of experience in the training of people called to serve society.

We are committed to projecting our presence in public life, preparing Professionals with Values who can develop their activity in the economic, business and institutional spheres with honesty and integrity.

CEU is recognised as a compendium of values, quality and professionalism that shapes the profile of our students: active, good companions, optimistic and excited about the joy of life that God has given us. For this reason, our aim and sense of being is to train people in the broadest sense of the word: people with aptitude - for their knowledge and competences - and also with attitude - for their knowledge of how to be and how to be - who can develop and become leaders in the New Digital Society.

We focus our efforts on providing solid training in knowledge, employability, internationalisation, entrepreneurship, and responsible and inclusive leadership, as well as in employability and the promotion of entrepreneurship. All of this is articulated through our Degrees, Double Degrees, Leadership Programme, Entrepreneurship Plans, excellence, bilingual and international programmes.

Students are at the centre of our personalised educational project, reinforced by the work of tutors and mentors.

We are proud to have a teaching personnel with extensive teaching, research and professional experience, with a vocation for their work and constantly updating their knowledge and pedagogical skills, now especially focused on digital transformation and, of course, with the invaluable participation of the administration and services personnel.

The internationalisation of our degrees and students is a major commitment of this School, for which we have exclusive programmes with prestigious universities in the United States of America (Boston University) and agreements with more than 85 highly recognised universities around the world, with English, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian-speaking programmes, which allow our students to enjoy semester or annual stays that contribute to their academic and personal development.

On the other hand, the University's professional careers area offers an abundant and varied range of national and international internships in companies and institutions that stimulate learning and promote job placement.

This is what our School is like, a community of students, teachers and service personnel determined to train the well-rounded and complete professionals that society demands in order to achieve a more sustainable and better world.

Welcome to your new university family.

Ricardo J. Palomo Zurdo

Dean of the School of Economics and Business

Dr. Ricardo J. Palomo Zurdo


Why should you study at the School of Economics and Business?

International scope

One of the hallmarks of the School of Economics and Business is its resolute internationalisation. The qualitative leap has been achieved through exclusive agreements with universities in the United States of America, which have the highest prestige and recognition, as attested by the main international rankings on university quality. These are leading institutions such as Boston University.

We also have a large number of international Erasmus and Bilateral agreements with prestigious international universities such as Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, RWTH Aachen in Germany, City University in the United Kingdom and Macao University. Our students, on annual or termly stays, can enjoy an international experience in any of the more than 70 English, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian-speaking universities with which we have an agreement.


One of the School's priority objectives is the practical training of its students. To this end, it has included in all its degrees curricular external internships, i.e. compulsory, and in this way all students have already had work experience by the time they finish their degree.

The Professional Careers Department and within it, Practicas Moncloa provided and supervised internships for more than 500 students in the 2015-16 academic year, through Framework Agreements with the best public and private entities, with the supply of internships far exceeding the demand. In turn, Professional Careers organises activities such as the Employment Forum, Coffee Meetings with various companies by sector and with Headhunters, training courses and seminars such as the presentation of the Curriculum Vitae, or how to face a selection process, etc. in order to accompany and advise students in their search for employment so that they can do so in the best possible way.


The School has professionals with extensive experience in the field of economics and business, as well as a large teaching personnel with extensive teaching experience and significant research work, accredited by various regional and national quality agencies, such as ACAP and ANECA.

All students at the School of Economics and Business are assigned, at the beginning of the course, a tutor who is responsible for guiding students in their studies, advising them on practical work, and keeping abreast of their academic situation, always with the utmost respect for the personality and freedom of each student.

Innova Classroom

El Aula Innova es una reciente apuesta de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales pero impulsada y desarrollada por los propios estudiantes. Es innovadora en su concepción y diseño y funciona bajo gestión de los propios estudiantes, constituyendo el punto de encuentro adecuado y cercano para la puesta en común de proyectos innovadores en materia de emprendimiento, orientación empresarial, asociacionismo, debate y reflexión, así como presentación de ideas y propuestas que redunden el proyección profesional de los estudiantes y en su formación transversal y práctica.



Universidad CEU San Pablo and Generali Chair

This Chair was created with the desire and interest to work on 'Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities in Employment'. With the vision and training experience of the CEU San Pablo University and Generali's track record of hiring professionals with diverse profiles, nationalities, ages, etc., we can analyse sustainable employability throughout their professional career.


Universidad CEU San Pablo and Mutua Madrileña Chair

This Research Chair was created with the desire and interest to promote and encourage teaching and research in the field of actuarial sciences and with two fundamental multidisciplinary and international objectives: to contribute to the training of qualified professionals in the management of business risks, and to promote the transfer of knowledge in risk management and insurance from the University to society.

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