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Prersentation of the Dean

Welcome to the School of Humanities and Communication Sciences, a centre that represents the essence of what its founder, Ángel Herrera Oria, wanted to offer society with his efforts, a centre in which the most demanding education would serve as the basis for the comprehensive training of our students who will put their being and their knowledge, in the future, at the service of the common good.

In our tireless search for truth, the fundamental premise of the University, we define ourselves as pioneers, coherent and committed.

Pioneers because we follow in the footsteps of Ángel Herrera and that group of young people from the ACdP who were not afraid to be ahead of their time by founding El Debate, the first School of Journalism or the Centre for University Studies in 1933, the seed of what we are today. We take up their baton to be the first to commit to Digital Communication studies combined with the depth of the Humanities, History and Art History and to teach Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations from the multiple perspective of comprehensive training, digital transformation and our international vocation. An international vocation that we consolidate with studies in both Spanish and English, study abroad programmes such as the International Program (IBP) with UCLA Extension (University of California Los Angeles) and the reception of hundreds of international students in our classrooms, which allows us to contribute to the expansion of our culture, our heritage and our language beyond our borders.

We continue to be pioneers, and we do so with a laboratory for the creation of ideas, The HUB, where History can be transformed into a series or a novel, the Humanities are digitised, Journalism and Audiovisual Communication fit into a mobile phone and Advertising moves in the most innovative social networks.

Coherent because we are the guarantors of the values we have received and we have the commitment not only to maintain them and show them to our students but also to take them beyond our borders in our constant striving for internationalisation. Today, more than ever, society needs well-educated people who can become the transforming leaven of the world thanks to critical thinking based on Christian humanism.

We are committed because we take up the baton of our predecessors in our decision to collaborate in the integral formation of our students. Our daily work is born of a vocation to serve in the task of preparing the young people who will be tomorrow's future, guiding them in the attainment of the academic skills they need for their professional development and accompanying them on their personal journey. Ultimately, good, well-prepared people with good judgement who will make society a better place.


Dean of the School of Hummanities and Communication Sciences

Dr. Pablo Velasco Quintana



Reasons to study at the School of Hummanities and Communication Sciences

Long tradition

The School has its origins in the School of Journalism of the newspaper El Debate, the first initiative for higher education in Communication in Spain, founded in 1926 by Ángel Herrera Oria. Along with degrees in History, Art History and Humanities, we offer degrees in Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations and the pioneering degree in Digital Communication.


Theoretical training in the classroom is combined with applied training, given in small groups in the modern facilities of the Audiovisual Centre, as well as internships in companies and public institutions, thanks to more than 1,000 collaboration agreements. We also have our own media: OnCEULab and La Agencia (The Agency).

Teaching personnel

The different courses are taught by more than a hundred professors, most of whom hold PhDs with long research careers and who, in many cases, combine their teaching duties with their professional practice.

International spirit

English for all the degrees in Communication together with an extended stay in an English-speaking university. This international vocation is completed with the programmes with the Universities of Columbia and Boston (USA) and with the high mobility of our students in European centres (Erasmus+) and the rest of the world (Agreements).

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