Chairs in Research

In its commitment to research as the foundation for academic excellence, Universidad CEU San Pablo has a large number of chairs in different fields.

List of Chairs in Research:

Chair in Financial Market Law

Universidad CEU San Pablo Chair in Financial Market was constituted in April 2008 as a legal research centre and it focuses on all the areas covered by the three financial markets: the Stock Market, the Credit Market and the Insurance Market.

The aims of this Chair are scientific research and the dissemination of legal and financial knowledge 

The main assets of the Chair to carry out its purpose are its researchers, specialised in both the academic world and the financial markets.

Holder: Dr. Mr. Alfonso Martínez-Echevarría y García de Dueñas.

CEU Chair - Mis Ibérica

This chair aims to develop scientific research in order to contribute to scientific and technological progress, favouring the quality of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the area of implantology and encouraging the training of young researchers. To this end, programmes will be developed in basic research and clinical research with the medical devices of MIS Implants Technologies Ltd.

Holder: Dr. Mr. Manuel Fernández Domínguez.

Klockner Chair in Implantology

The Chair aims, through different efforts, to provide the necessary scientific information on dental implants, as well as to become a forum for debate for professionals whose scientific or professional activity is focused on this area of knowledge and research.

Holder: Dr. Mr. Manuel Fernández Domínguez.

Google Chair on Privacy, Society and Innovation

The Google Chair was created in 2012 and is directed by José Luis Piñar, Professor of Administrative Law and former Director of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos). It is the first of its kind in Europe and its main objective is to study the ethical and legal limits of technologies that process personal data. Since its creation, the Chair has become an international forum for debate on the main challenges that the relationship between technological innovation and privacy poses for society nowadays and with a view to the future.

Holder: Dr. Mr. José Luis Piñar Mañas.

Universidad CEU San Pablo and Mutua Madrileña Chair

This Chair in research is created in the School of Economics and Business with the desire and interest to promote and encourage teaching and research in the field of actuarial sciences and with two fundamental multidisciplinary and international objectives:

  • To contribute to the training of qualified professionals in business risk management.
  • To promote the transfer of knowledge in risk management and insurance from the University to society.

Holder: Dr. Ms. Carmen Calderón Patier.

CEU Elcano International Chair - First Round-the-World Tour

The CEU Elcano International Chair. First Round-the-World Tour (Cátedra Internacional CEU Elcano - Primera Vuelta al Mundo) was created through an agreement signed by the Spanish Navy and Universidad CEU San Pablo as part of the celebrations for the 5th Centenary of Fernando de Magallanes and Juan Sebastián Elcano's first round-the-world expedition (1519-1522).

Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, Universidad CEU Abad Oliva and CEU San Pablo Andalucía Foundation complete the list of promoters of the Chair.

Janssen-Cilag Chair

The Janssen-Cilag Chair was created in September 2009, with the aim of strengthening links between the pharmaceutical laboratory and the university academic world and, thus, collaborating in testing and research in all those fields that have an impact on the present and future of the areas related to Health Sciences.

The Academic Director of the Chair is the Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Professor Dr. Beatriz de Pascual-Teresa Fernández.

The Chair aims, through different efforts, to provide the necessary scientific information on innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as to become a forum for debate for professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry. Specifically, the objectives of the Chair are as follows:

  • To promote students' knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector.
  • To promote innovation.
  • To promote the future employability of students.
  • To develop specific actions aimed at increasing the practical training of students at the University.

Holder: Dr. Ms. Beatriz de Pascual-Teresa Fernández

Generali Chair

This Chair was created within the School of Economics and Business, with the desire and interest to work on "Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities in Employment".

With the vision and training experience of Universidad CEU San Pablo and the experience of Generali in hiring professionals with different profiles, nationalities, ages, etc., we can analyse sustainable employability throughout the professional career.

We want to show society our concern for education and employability. We wish to encourage equal opportunities in access to the company, promoting that under-represented groups possess and acquire the necessary skills for the development of their professional career.

Director: Dr. Ms. Mercedes Ruiz de Palacios Villaverde

The Universidad San Pablo CEU – Carrefour on Food and Nutrition

The Universidad San Pablo CEU – Carrefour on Food and Nutrition Chair was born in 2018 and it is directed by Professor Gregorio Varela Moreiras, Professor in Nutritional Science at the University. The foundational agreement of the Chair has the aim of prompting new projects on training, dissemination, and research on nutrition, always from a healthy and sustainable food model perspective.