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Universidad CEU San Pablo gives you the chance to develop your international career to the fullest by complementing your degree programme with a foreign Academic Certificate. It is an excepcional opportunity to enhance your academic profile and to open up new horizons in your career through different training experiences:

  • International Bilingual Programs (IBP's) allow you to do part of your studies in Madrid, travel to the US, join an international campus; and obtain an Academic Certification from prestigious American universities located in Chicago, Boston, New York or Los Angeles.
  • International Online Programs (IOP's), allow you to improve your academic training in a top-level American university, 100% online, in a convenient and flexible way, adapting the program to suit your needs and developing the necessary skills to enter a global and digital job market.
  • International Professional Programs (IPP's) allow you to experience a global and international career, with the help of renowned global institutions to design your own professional future.
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Our Team

Coordinator CEU Global Campus

Ms. Verónica Matilla Julián

Moncloa Campus Tel: (+34) 915 14 01 05 Ext. 14653

Internationalization Officer specialized in International Mobility. CEU Global Campus. UNITAR. IOPs (OMI and OPEI)

Ms. Laura Liberatore Sánchez

IBP Boston Business of Biotechnology Academic Coordinator

Mr. María Cortejoso Lino

Montepríncipe Campus - School of Pharmacy

IBP Bussiness of Biotechnology & Biomedical Engineering Academic Coordinator

Mr. Julio Sevillano Fernández

Montepríncipe Campus - School of Pharmacy

IBP UCLA Extension Academic Coordinator

Mr. Natalia del Barrio Fernández

Moncloa Campus - School of Humanities and Communication Sciences

International Bilingual Programs Coordinator

Ms. María Isabel Abradelo de Usera

Moncloa Campus - School of Humanities

IBP The University of Chicago Clinical Trials Management & Regulatory Compliance Coordinator

Ms. Irene Ortín Remón

Montepríncipe Campus - School of Pharmacy

Columbia University Programme Academic Coordinator

Mr. Roberto Gelado Marcos

Moncloa Campus - School of Humanities and Communication Sciences

IPP UNITAR Academic Coordinator

Mr. Cristina Sánchez López de Pablo

Moncloa Campus - Law School

IPP UNITAR Academic Coordinator

Mr. Javier Porras Belarra

Moncloa Campus - Law School


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