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International Online Programs

What is an IOP?

International Online Programs (IOP's) arise from the necessity to adapt to digitalisation, and to give students the opportunity to live an international experience from home, with the help of renowned partners.

IOP's encompass such diverse and complementary fields as Health Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities. These programmes can be combined as students wish, thus opening up new opportunities for them to especialise with American certificates and therefore enhancing their academic and professional profile.

In the last two years of their Degree Programme, students who wish to do so and meet the requirements may take a distance learning certificate (in English) taught by an American University.

It is an unique initiative by means of which students will receive bilingual training from one of these prestigious universities:

Arizona University

The courses within this CEU-Arizona Program are as follows*:

Who can take an IOP?

All CEU undergraduate students (degree and double degree) with an intermediate-high English level, who have obtained at least 180 ECTS credits may apply for an IOP. In addition, students will be able to take several courses from one or more of our partner universities.

Advantages of studying an IOP

Flexibility, adaptability and innovation characterised the certificates offered in the framework of IOP's. Students will have new opportunities to start their training in a flexible and autonomous way.

IOP's use a dynamic methodology which includes watching videos, reading material, taking tests and continuous assessments designed by universities with experience in E-learning.

Programmes are based on technology, both as a means of learning and as a gateway to the job market. The certificates allow students to develop the necessary skills to their professional development in a global environment, which requires working in English as well as digital skills to carry out a flexible and autonomous work.

Add a face-to-face mobility: IBP's, Erasmus+ and Bilateral Exchange

In addition to an IOP, you can study abroad with one of the following programs:

  • International Bilingual Program (IBP, in Spain + in the USA)
  • Erasmus+
  • Bilateral Exchange Agreements between CEU San Pablo and universities around the world

* Programs and spots are subject to availability at any given time.