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Dear student:  

In the School of Medicine the degrees in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Genetics, Medicine, Dentistry and Psychology are taught. In addition, the Degrees Dentistry and Physiotherapy are taught in English. Always under the distinction of the closeness between teacher and student, tradition and innovation, and a personalized attention that makes us one of the most prestigious medical schools in the country.

We are a School that generates knowledge (research), transmits knowledge(teaching) and applies knowledge (assistance).

With a wide teaching background behind us, we are based on the basic principles of Christian humanism, and, in this sense, our motto is E pluribus unum: Of many, one. Hence, teachers, students and administration and services personnel form an excited human group. To our prospective/future students, in addition, we offer an excellent cast of experienced teachers, very committed to teaching and research. With them, we carefully plan all our courses with thoroughness and rigor: theoretical classes, practices, exams, tutorials, final degree projects, specific scientific meetings for students...

We also have excellent facilities on the Montepríncipe campus: classrooms, laboratories, dissection rooms, computer rooms, libraries, language laboratories and the latest technologies available (academic management portals, Wi-Fi network throughout the campus, advanced laboratory equipment, etc.). We also have an active service of high-quality university practices that allows our students a first implementation of the knowledge acquired in the different facilities of the associated hospitals. Also, in CEU San Pablo University Polyclinic and in primary care centres of the Community of Madrid, as well as prestigious specialized clinics.  The effective management of all this is achieved thanks to our administration and services staff, who carry out a silent and effective work, providing our teachers and students with a day-to-day absolute teaching performance. Students also have personalized attention through academic, clinical and research tutors, who allow them to maintain individualized training throughout the university career. In addition to technical-scientific training, in the school we offer a wide variety of cultural, sports and humanistic training to all students, thus adapting to the new health reality: multidisciplinary units, new specialties, cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, etc.

From the undergraduate stage, students receive theoretical and practical training in medical basis and clinical research, which will allow them to be the future researchers practicing translational medicine. The fact that a large number of professors at the school are integrated in the different divisions of our Institute in Applied Molecular Medicine (IMMA) facilitates, without a doubt, that research facet. On the other hand, the master’s and doctoral programs, oriented to the specialisation of students, constitutes a unique opportunity to approach research in a high-quality environment, accredited by ANECA, and allow the student to maximise their opportunities in the labour market. The adaptation of our school to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) makes the necessary convergence and integration with the rest of the European Universities a reality. With many of them, in addition, we maintain agreements that allow the exchange of students and teachers.

In addition, our students can benefit from our international vocation with our mobility agreements with different universities, both in Europe and in the rest of the world.

The undeniable value of everything mentioned so far is completed with the reinforcement of the classic values: teamwork, harmony, illusion, respect for others, perseverance, rigour, prudence, trust, coherence, effort, and patience. Our goal is to make our students competent professionals, seriously committed to building a more humane and friendly society. To do this, we work so that our graduates attend to future patients, in addition to solid theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and competences, with a large dose of humanity. We are convinced that we can train you as a competent professional, committed to society, who helps to improve the quality of life of our fellow human beings, sometimes healing, frequently relieving and always comforting.

Tomás Chivato Pérez

Dean of the School of Medicine

Dr. Tomás Chivato Pérez

Why study at the School of Medicine?

Clinical Teachings

The clinical teachings of the careers of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing are taught in high quality hospital centres, accredited for clinical teaching.

In turn, the clinical teachings of Dentistry are taught at CEU San Pablo University Polyclinic, located at Calle Almansa, 66 (Madrid). In addition, from the third year, clinical practices are also carried out in dental offices, and care services of hospital centres and other concerted clinics.

On the other hand, the clinical teaching of Psychology and Physiotherapy are taught in the specific services of specialised centres concerted and in the university hospitals of the school.

Supervised Training

The School of Medicine offers a Supervised and Individual Attention to each student, so that at all times they can have the support of the professors so that they can face with planning and security, the challenges that studies of each degree present daily during the academic year. All this is aimed at our students working autonomously, but not independently, continuously and sustainably, so that the graduates of our School have not only acquired solid knowledge, but also skills and abilities vital to the world of work, such as critical capacity, group work, problem solving and decision making, work and time planning, or adaptation to new situations, environments and people.

Cutting-edge research and R&D&I equipment

At Universidad CEU San Pablo we are firmly committed to research, one of the main axes of our project of excellence and search for talent.

The School has infrastructure for basic and clinical research, development and technological innovation, both on the university campus and its healthcare centres, equipped with modern equipment.

In addition, there is the Institute of Applied Molecular Medicine, where we combine clinical and basic research through 10 interdisciplinary programs in various medical-surgical specialties, which we carry out with the international collaboration of other Universities and numerous biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

International Projection

The School of Medicine links its academic excellence to the international projection of our students. This international dimension is concretised with the signing of more than 30 international agreements with numerous Universities and Biomedical Research Centres around the world that allow their students an offer of International Mobility through exchanges, International Internships, Summer University, all actions aimed at providing the student with an international academic experience that enables them to integrate into a multicultural society.

Personalised tutorings

As soon as a student enrols at Universidad CEU San Pablo, a tutor is assigned. Your tutor has as its mission the student in everything that can contribute to improve their academic performance, to facilitate their participation in university life and their integral formation. The tutoring function is a dynamic element of the academic, personal, and professional training process of the student, not only from the traditional field of academic advice but also from the orientation and personalised guidance of the training process and the future labour insertion.

Likewise, each course of each degree has the Course Coordinator and the Studies Coordinator, and all of them with the Student Service, which will guide the student in each situation that may arise.


Teaching and research are two inseparable realities at our University. The study of new pedagogical methods and techniques and the constant participation in national and international research programs make our professors excellent professors and professionals


Our facilities

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  • Dissection room
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