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CEU San Pablo (Madrid), CEU Cardenal Herrera (Valencia, Elche y Castellón) and Abat Oliba CEU (Barcelona), comprised under the name of CEU Universities, ranked 2nd in the Young University Rankings 2021 among the 33 Spanish universities that participated and 113th among 475 universities in 68 countries.

In addition, Universidades CEU, are placed first in Spain in terms of the publications of our research staff, as well as for the proportion of women among our students (63%). Concerning Internationalisation, we are placed 3rd, with an average number of international students of 19% and a ratio of 11.5 students per lecturer, which makes us the 6th Spanish university with the best ratio.

This Times Higher Education (THE) ranking, analyses universities that were founded 50 years ago or less, based on 13 indicators that measure the main fundamental objectives of these institutions: education, research, teaching, knowledge transfer and internationalisation, among others, for a fair comparison. This ranking offers a vision of universities open to innovation; an essential quality needed to come out stronger in a post-Covid era.

This ranking assesses the quality of university institutions at an international level in five areas: teaching, research, number of citations in publications written by researchers, internationalisation of staff, students and researchers, and knowledge transfer to the business field.

CEU San Pablo (Madrid), CEU Cardenal Herrera (Valencia, Elche and Castellón) and Abat Oliba CEU (Barcelona), under the name of CEU Universities, ranked 6th among Spanish universities and among the top 500 universities worldwide in the 2021 Ranking, where 1,527 university institutions from 93 countries participated.

We excel in research and internationalisation. In the field of research, we are positioned first among Spanish universities in terms of the quality of citations on scientific publications written by our research staff. In terms of internationalisation of staff, students and researchers, we are placed fourth at national level, with an average of 19% international students, which exceeds 30% at CEU UCH in the Region of Valencia. We also rank among the top ten Spanish universities for the ratio of students per lecturer (11.5) and for the ratio of female to male students (63:37).

Universidad CEU San Pablo has placed 2nd in the ranking published by El Economista for the most innovative centres in the Ibero-American world. This ranking analyses more than 100 educational institutions in Ibero-America. Out of these, 40 universities and business schools have ranked. CEU rose one position in 2021 compared to the 2020 ranking.

El Economista has taken into account aspects such as innovation, which universities have applied to their methodology, the use of the latest learning tools, a 4th Industrial Revolution focused curriculum, a teaching staff that comprises both, scholars and experts who are familiar with the business world, the internationalisation of the institution, the importance of the educational expertise and the students´ networking potential.

It is an international ranking which, since 2009, includes all universities and research institutions worldwide and takes into account research performance, innovation results and social impact-based indicators measured by website visibility.

Universidad San Pablo-CEU is the best rated private university in Madrid and the 2nd best rated private Spanish university in this ranking in 2020. It is the leader among more than 70 universities, public R&D centres, and private and public hospitals.


Forbes magazine has ranked the 20 best universities in Spain in 2021, assessing the following factors: quality of professors and research, international outlook, price, accessibility, preparation for working life and student experience.

According to the ranking, Universidad CEU San Pablo is ranked sixth among the 20 best universities in Spain.

The 20th edition of the 50 CARRERAS Ranking of the newspaper El Mundo, includes the fifty most popular degrees among students and the five best universities to study them. The ranking takes into account factors such as the opinion of two thousand professors, university data and other external parameters (international rankings or ANECA reports, which assess and certify qualifications, teaching staff and institutions).

In the 2021 edition, two of our degrees, the Degree in Journalism and the Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, were ranked nationally among the top 5. These degrees have historically been one of the students' favourites and among the best to study in Spain.

Compare information offered by our students with the rest of Universities in Spain. We are the fifth best university in Spain with the most satisfied students, and one of the best universities which best prepares students to face the labour market by bestowing them with practical skills.   
We score very high in prestige, student counselling, international environment and high employability rate.