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Research Mobility


Researching mobility must last for at least a month and it must have a maximum duration of 6 months. It aims to update knowledge, learn new teaching and researching techniques and methods; as well as the establishment of new academics bonds, or the strengthening of the already existing ones, between Professors and Researchers and Institutions. 

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Non-USP-CEU Teaching and Researching Personnel

The University offers research stays to Professors and Researchers from other centres. In the current public health context in which we are immersed, the University strongly advices to avoid carrying out this sort of stays in order to guarantee University Students and Personnel Protection:

Those Researchers from external entities who are thinking of taking short-term research mobility in some of the USP-CEU centres, will be able to ask the CEU Researcher that will host them for a provisional invitation letter. For this reason, the CEU hosting Researcher will have to fill in this form.

Record of research groups

Art. 9 of the 2/2019 Regulation on the Recognition of University Research Groups, states that ‘whenever a significative change in the group’s trajectory happens, the researcher in charge will be able to ask the Research Committee for the review of its status in the Record without having to wait for the next evaluation call. Exceptional publications or projects concession by open call will be considered ‘significative change’, as well as any other change that duly reasoned is evaluated by the University Research Committee.

It will be necessary then to re-evaluate on the basis of data from the last 3 years. For this reason, the evaluation sheet (a different model for every School) must be filled in and submitted to [email protected], as well as the reasoned application signed by the PI of the GIR requesting the change of category.

Documents of interest for researchers

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