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Dear student:

Universidad CEU San Pablo has been teaching Pharmacy studies since 1973, first as a University College and since 1993 as a Private University. The School of Pharmacy has diversified its academic offer since then, responding to the real need for new professional profiles. Thus, we have been teaching Human Nutrition and Dietetics since 1999, Optics and Optometry since 2000; and since 2011-2012 academic year, we have also offered a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology.

Our School was a pioneer in the implementation of double degrees through an organisation that optimises the effort of the brightest students. For the 2014-2015 academic year, for the first time in Spain, we offered an innovative and interdisciplinary training proposal, the double bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and Business Administration and Management.

Fourteen years ago, we started a bilingual programme in Pharmacy, specialising in clinical trials and in collaboration with the University of Chicago. This programme was expanded nine years ago with the addition of bilingual pharmacy and biotechnology. For the 2014-2015 academic year, we added a new programme in biotechnology, oriented towards the management of biotech companies, which includes internships in companies in the sector in the United States.

With our degrees in Nutrition and Optics adapted to professionals, we join forces to offer continuing education, blended learning, adapted to professional practice and of an official nature. Our offer is completed with official postgraduate and doctoral programmes, such as the Programme in Health Science and Technology, within the CEU International Doctoral School (CEINDO). This programme has been made possible thanks to the excellent research potential of this School.

At the present time, we have 13 consolidated competitive research groups and 2 recognised as Excellent Research Groups. We have accumulated nearly 250 six-year research periods in the academic year 2020-2021 with an approximate evolution of 15 six-year research periods recognised per academic year. The School of Pharmacy has more than 40 active competitive projects from public and private bodies, representing a total budget of more than 3.5 million euros, in addition to contracts with industry with a total budget of more than 1.5 million euros. The scientific productivity of the School's lecturers and researchers is reflected in the more than 125 articles that the different groups publish each year in international JCR journals.

Our graduates are recognised in all professional fields, as evidenced by the high employability rate of our graduates, corroborated by numerous testimonials and by excellent results in national tests such as the FIR (No. 3 in 2021; No. 1 in 2013 and 2022).

In short, the teamwork and coordination of all the human resources that make up the essence of this School, whether teachers, students, or administrative and service personnel, allows for the proper development of all the activities involved in student training and research tasks.

Gonzalo Herradón Gil Gallardo

Dean of the School of Pharmacy

Dr. Gonzalo Herradón Gil-Gallardo

Why study at the School of Pharmacy?

The academic offer we propose to our future students has been built through the experience of years of pedagogical innovation and adaptation to the new demands of society. For this reason, our Bachelor's Degrees, our Double Bachelor’s Degrees and our Bilingual Degrees, which respond to a global world, follow the criteria of the European Higher Education Area.

We also offer the possibility of completing studies through master's and doctoral programmes.

These are relevant aspects of our School:


Universidad CEU San Pablo links its academic excellence to a clearly international vision in the training of its students. This international dimension is reflected in the offer of Bilingual Degrees, International Mobility, International Internships, Summer University, Visiting Professors, and other activities, all of which are aimed at providing students with an international academic experience that will enable them to integrate into a global society.

Comprehensive training

The School of Pharmacy not only transmits knowledge and skills, seeking academic excellence and the best professional training for its students, but also their comprehensive training. The aim is to develop in students a spirit of self-improvement, to question themselves boldly but responsibly. For this development the student has the services of Pastoral, Volunteering, Sports, and Cultural Activities.

Professional opportunities

Universidad CEU San Pablo, concerned about the professional future of its students, has an Employment Guidance and Information Centre (COIE). It was created with the aim of offering professional internships in the best companies and institutions in Spain and the rest of Europe, favouring the labour insertion of its students and guiding them through seminars on professional opportunities, training courses for job search, the Entrepreneurs Club, as well as the Occupational Observatory.

In fact, the School's graduates have a 98.4 % job placement rate, 21.8 % of which is through the COIE.

Facilities and equipment

The School of Pharmacy has laboratories, both for teaching and research, equipped with the most modern equipment. It also has a series of Research Support Services, both basic and clinical, in the School and in the Hospitals, with the most advanced technology.

The more than 70 teaching and research laboratories are equipped with modern equipment: X-ray, Mass Spectrometry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Herbarium, Radiobiology Unit, Cell Culture Unit, Molecular Biology Laboratory, Biostatistics Unit, Animal Facilities, Metabolism and Body Composition Unit, Food Technology Pilot Plant, Sensory Analysis Laboratory, Pharmacology and Experimental Toxicology Unit, Optometry and Contact Lens Optics Office.

The School of Pharmacy also has 24 seminar rooms and 5 computer rooms.

Universidad CEU San Pablo Language Centre also has a language laboratory in the School of Pharmacy.


The School of Pharmacy is a clear example of CEU San Pablo University's firm commitment to research.

The School of Pharmacy is a Research Centre widely recognised for its excellence and tradition, consolidated in the Spanish university scene as an innovative centre thanks to a training project whose academic objectives are strongly interrelated: quality teaching, personalised attention to students and excellent research.

Research in our School ranges from the laboratory to clinical practice and the different lines of research (hyperlink to the lines) have public competitive funding and private funding.

Ongoing projects funded by pharmaceutical, chemical and food companies generally involve applied research, the results of which are visible in the short to medium term. Many of these large companies sponsor introductory research awards for students through the signing of Research Chairs. In addition, they offer places for our students to carry out internships in companies during their training period.

The involvement of students in research activities is achieved through the offer of the Bachelor's Degree Dissertation, which is a unique opportunity for students to gain experience in research methodology.

The University does not aim to train only researchers, but the experience of facing current scientific problems or those of technological transcendence induces a process of professional maturity before the end of the studies, which is fundamental in the final phase of the studies.

Figures and data

The School of Pharmacy at Universidad CEU San Pablo currently has almost 900 students studying. In the 2012-2013 academic year, the teaching personnel is made up of 124 lecturers, 98 of whom hold PhDs, which represents almost 80 % of the total, a percentage much higher than that required by the ANECA (National Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation).

This student/teacher ratio allows for personalised attention to students, a characteristic feature of this University, with each student being assigned a personal tutor at the time of enrolment. Classroom teaching is given in small groups. The number of students in laboratories is even smaller in order to guarantee the experimental training that the labour market demands and in which all our students excel.

PROFESSIONAL INTERNSHIPS are carried out thanks to more than 4,150 Educational Cooperation Agreements with companies, hospitals, industries, and public and private institutions. These agreements allow students in their final years to carry out an internship period.

Graduates from the School have a 98.4 % employment placement rate, 21.8 % of which is through the COIE, our School's Employment Guidance and Information Centre.



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