Modelo de acompañamiento

CEU Support Service

In Universidad CEU San Pablo, we want students to make the most of this academic and development stage and to reach their full potential in the best way possible. Our CEU Support Service focuses its unique learning approach on the students. It consists of, since the beginning of their university experience, full and personalised attention in all aspects: personal, academic, professional and spiritual.

Modelo de acompañamiento - Presentación

How can we help?

The University provides the students with the following support mechanisms:


Our University Guidance Service (SOU) offers pshycological support in emotional wellbeing (anxiety, stress, emotional breakups, grief and loss, etc.)


Each student has an asigned tutor to guide and support them during its university entrance. In a number of meetings, tutors and students discuss possible difficulties, set out viable solutions and talk about different options to make the most of the student's on-campus experience.

In addition, through SOU, we offer support on learning difficulties, providing students with strategies and skills to improve academic performance (study techniques, how to face exams, healthy habits, etc.). We focus on identifying setbacks students may experience as early as possible and providing support or solutions on a case-by-case basis in order to ensure student's wellbeing and performance.

In this way, a new Support Unit for students with a disability and special needs (AENE) has been created in order to support them in their skills development, their involvement in the academic community and their entry in the job market. This Unit seeks to encourage and make their university life easier from different areas according to their needs.

On another note, the CEU Athlete Support Programme (programa CEU Apoyo a Deportistas) encourages a successful balance between the academic and sports career for elite athletes and allows their job entry once their sports career has ended.

Lastly, in terms of cooperation among students, we offer the Buddy Program. It is a support programme where last year students help first year students to integrate in the university life.


Our priest community is available to provide students with support in their academic and spiritual journey. They work closely with CEU Volunteering service, planning activities which not only have an significant impact in the beneficiary communities, but it also implies important human and moral growth of students.


We lay the foundations to the sucessfull transition of students into the job market. Growth Path For Students (GPS) seeks to encourage the personal and professional growth of our students, with the support of the Career Center.


Students have the chance to take part in different activities which complement their training in order to make an unforgettable experience out of their university life. Such activities aim to open up new horizons and shape a more profound way of looking at the reality that surrounds them through a number of cultural, sports, clubs activities, etc.