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In Universidad CEU San Pablo, we want students to make the most of this academic and development stage and to reach their full potential in the best way possible. Our CEU Support Service focuses its unique learning approach on the students. It consists of, since the beginning of their university experience, full and personalised attention in all aspects: personal, academic, professional and spiritual.

How can we help?

We are aware of the historical, economic, technological and human context in which we move and the role we play as universities and teachers. It is the latter who form, today, the adults of tomorrow, in an education based on values, dignity and meaning. 

In our commitment to personalised education, we place the student, their needs, abilities, potential and difficulties at the centre, in order to achieve an authentic and multidimensional growth of each student. An 'accompaniment model' devised with a vision focused on a future that we must shape and modulate together.  

On this path, we count on the teacher and mentor, a figure capable of accompanying, discovering and preparing the student globally. 

Accompanying, in order to learn values, experiences and build solid personal bonds of community; discovering, in order to develop analytical and critical capacity; and preparing, training professionals with high flexibility and resilience, future leaders, all of this takes the form of clear, dynamic and effective proposals throughout the academic life of each student. 

Once our students leave the campus, we will have already trained professionals, leaders, with values capable of transforming the world into a better place, professionals who are full people and who have a community of support (their peers, students, alumni, teachers...) ready to live a tomorrow full of opportunities.

Experiencia universitaria. Acompañar, descubrir y preparar

Our Accompaniment Model, with its 360º vision, addresses all areas:  

Academic Accompaniment

The first support a new student can count on is that of the tutors. Each student is assigned a person who will guide and accompany them in their first steps by 'monitoring' and guiding them, in close collaboration with other key programmes, depending on their needs.

Service for students with special needs (AENE) 
Servicios AENE
Service for students with special needs (AENE) 

With the aim of reinforcing the comprehensive accompaniment of students with disabilities and special educational support needs, the University has promoted this service. A plan that aims to guarantee equal opportunities through the appropriate integration of the student into the different teaching programmes.

CEU Athlete Support
CEU Apoyo a Deportistas
CEU Athlete Support

Created to successfully reconcile the sporting and academic careers of elite athletes and to enable them to enter the labour market once their sporting careers are over.

Campus Life

Accompaniment beyond Academics: Campus Life 

The University continues beyond the classroom. Thus, students have the opportunity to participate in different programmes of activities that contribute to complete their education so that university life becomes an unforgettable experience, through numerous cultural plans, sporting activities and participation in the different clubs.

Personal accompaniment

Each student is a set of aptitudes and attitudes that will be crucial in reaching their professional and human goals. Likewise, each student faces tangential challenges and difficulties with different approaches.

Professional accompaniment 

Its objective is to guide students towards their professional future, on the one hand, through mentoring and, on the other hand, through all the proposals offered by Professional Careers.