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Buddy Program

This is a peer support programme, which offers upper classes’ students the chance to  help first-year students in their new university life, providing help with academic, social and administrative issues. Its aims are:

  • Provide counselling and advice to new students in order to ease their social and academic integration.
  • Forge bonds amongst students who are taking the same degree.
  • Encourage student participation in campus activities.
  • Strengthening our Zero Tolerance culture towards peer harassment.
Buddy Program Senior


A student in upper classes who guides and gives support to Junior Buddies. As a Buddy Senior, you’ll get to meet new people, develop your communication skills, participate in exclusive events, boost your skills and values (commitment, solidarity, etc) and obtain course credit for the Exclusive Programme in Leadership and Values.


Buddy Program Junior


First-year student who receives support from a Senior Buddy. A student in their last year will provide support to you as you start university. Furthermore, this helps bring students from the same degree together, encourages participation in organised on-campus activities and prevent possible bullying situations.