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Support Unit for Students with a disability and special needs (AENE)

What is AENE?

It is SOU specific unit for the support of students with a disability and special academic needs during their university journey.

It has a SOU professional team which focuses on assessing the students' needs in order to offer adequate solutions.

We work together with the Admissions service, Academic Management and teachers.

What does it offer?

It seeks to encourage and facilitate your university life in different areas by adapting it to your needs. Its aim is to support you in the development of your skills, your participation in the academic community and your integration into the job market.



How is it carried out?

  • Welcome: through a personal interview to start working on a personalised study plan (PIP).

  • Advise: providing the required technical and human resources so you achive your highest performance during your academic journey at University.

  • Curricular adaptation: taking into account your specific needs, but without changes that may imply alterations in the development of competences for obtaining the academic qualification.

  • Support: continuing communication with you and your academic tutor to ensure the adequacy and commitment to your study plan.

  • Encouraging your integration in the university life through SOU.

  • Encouraging your professional development through the Career Center service.

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