The research effort constitutes one of the priorities of the academic life of the CEU San Pablo University.


The Vicerectorate of Teachers and Research responds to the open vocation of our University to be a prestigious institution not only for its quality in the field of teaching, but also in research. We want the CEU San Pablo University to be an institution with strong roots of a true culture of permanent training of professors, their improvement as educators and as researchers of excellence, both in basic and applied terms, in order to improve our society and that of future generations. And, all this in the matrix of values that the CEU San Pablo University has always promoted, defended and applied, fulfilling its vocation and mandate as the work of Catholic Association of Propagandists.

This Vicerectorate is responsible for the integral management of the faculty members, with the aim of covering the two main aspects of university teaching: teaching and research. We set off from the firm conviction that good professors are not only poles of attraction for students that are talented and demanding with their education, but also to have this profile of students is a great filter for obtaining the best professors. We understand that this virtuous circle must be the machine that moves us towards the maximum quality of our University. Our teaching community is fully committed to the double vocation of a university professor: the education of our students in an environment of critical learning and the passion for discovery, innovation and creation.

In this context, the attention to the formative needs for the improvement of our professors, both in technical aspects, and in terms of teaching tools and languages is indispensable. The correct placement of our professors in organized and led structures is also a priority (Schools and the Institute, Departments, Sections and Areas), which enables the high performance of our teaching faculty.

In this shared goal to develop a common work, the CEU San Pablo University, despite its youth, assumes research as a fundamental objective of the activity of its professors. In order to carry out this objective, the University has excellent researchers and infrastructures that allow them to work at a high level of quality. This commitment to scientific research and the preparation of future researchers has been the driving force behind the creation of CEU International Doctoral School (CEINDO), in which the three CEU Universities participate jointly with official doctorate programs that have already begun and in which professors and researchers from the three sister universities participate.

We have a remarkable structure of research institutes consolidated as the centers of the University’s research activity. Our University has research centers of the highest level such as the Center of Metabolomics and Bioanalysis (CEMBIO) and the Institute of Applied Molecular Medicine (IMMA). Both welcome researchers from all over the world who choose our University for research stays and reinforce our international vocation. In addition, the Vicerectorate supports a number of Research Groups and Extraordinary Chairs promoted by external entities.

To support, in this integral vision of the faculty (teaching and research), the Vicerectorate has been developing, for years, internal policies to support research activity, articulated through various calls such as pre- and post-doctorate grants, aids for research mobility of the PDI, management of the evaluation of research activity of our professors by the National Commission for Research Evaluation (CNEAI) and other internal aids for projects and research groups. All these initiatives are supported both by our own resources and thanks to the sponsorship of the Banco Santander Group.

In conclusion, we are firmly convinced that the essence of the University is the generation of knowledge through research and its transmission, both to our students through teaching, as well as to the wider society. Therefore, research and teaching are indivisible and consubstantial to the mission of our University and the focal point of this Vicerectorate.

Agustín Probanza LoboVicerrector de Profesorado e Investigación

75 active projects with external financing, with a total amounte of 8.030.045 euros.


169 proffesors evaluated favorably by the CNEAI, who have been recognized for a total of 243 research sections.

Further Education

32 scholarships for the further education of research personnel with internal and external funding.