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Study abroad

Center for Study Abroad

What does the Center for Study Abroad offers you?

The Center for Studies Abroad offers throughout the year different courses and training formats (annual, semester or summer), some tailor-made for our foreign students, others selected from different topics among the regular classes at our Faculties in the areas of Health, Architecture, Engineering, Business, Communication, Law, International Relations, Pedagogy.

Who are these programs for?

The Center for Study Abroad programs are short programs specially designed for undergraduate students who want to venture out, learn from another culture and acquire specialised expertise in a foreign country.

What are the benefits of studying abroad?

Studying abroad has many advantages that depend on each individual, but, in general, they include a broader vision of the world, an approach to another culture, social and cultural enrichment, specific training and an experience of great value to the candidate's resume.

How is the experience?

There is nothing like stepping out of your comfort zone to learn how to live in a foreign country. This experience gives wings to those who, with emotion, discover and adapt to other ways of living. Get an idea by listening to our students' experience.