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Virtual Campus

Virtual Campus stems from new information technologies application to the different CEU Centres and Universities educational system. Its purpose is to create a space for intercommunication between students and the institution, accesible via online, without requiring the parties involved to coincide in time and place.

Virtual Campus of Universidad CEU San Pablo arises from a dual purpose: to introduce new technologies in its regular teaching and researching practises, and to take advantage of the great opportunities they offer, in order to improve and strengthen on-campus teaching and to tackle the increasing demand of continuous online training by the business sector.

As a result of this dual purpose, Virtual Campus of USPCEU includes 'Online Campus', which offers Postgraduate-orientated training (masters and especialisation/actualisation programmes), as well as continuous training aimed at companies.

Virtual Campus teaching staff includes Professors and Lecturers of Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid and other Spanish universities as well as professionals with renowned experience in the business sector.

How do you study?

Virtual Campus is a space for intercommunication between the different components of the educational sphere (students, university, teaching staff, etc.). It is accesible via online, through computers and remote communication networks, without requiring the parties involved to coincide in time and place.

Once students have successfully enrolled, they will be granted access, with a personal password, to the teaching materials, virtual professors, online tutoring, discussion forums, chats, etc. as well as other general services the Campus offers.


A support and assistance service is available to students on the Virtual Campus for any questions related to the programme and the use of the Campus platform; as well as to solve any technical problem students may have when accessing to the platform, through the following communication channels:

Through the enabled section on the Intranet 'Incidents and IT requests'.

Business services

Programmes developed by Universidad CEU San Pablo are designed according to renowned educational standards.

In agreement with that, we offer the following services:

  • Customisation of standard programmes: this option allows companies to adapt integral programmes included in the training standard offer, to their needs, in terms of length and training method: online or mixed. In addition, it provides their Executives with the chance to design their own master programmes, organised in modules. They may be funded within the company's own internal training plan, directly by the Executives or both simultaneously.
  • Full development of content: Regarding this service, Universidad CEU develops new content for the programme, according to the client's initial guidelines in terms of topics and length.