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University Ombudsperson

Additional provision 14 of Ley Orgánica 6/2001, de Universidades established the role of the University Ombudsperson to ensure respect for the rights and freedoms of all members of the Academic Community in the actions of all University agencies and services. The actions of the University Ombudsperson shall be governed by the principles of independence and autonomy and shall always seek to improve university quality in all fields. Within this legal framework, Universidad CEU San Pablo has created and defined this role with a view to improving coexistence in the academic community day by day.

The ultimate purpose of the University Ombudsperson is to contribute to improving quality and to the good functioning of Universidad CEU San Pablo. They may only intervene when requested to by one of the parties and solely in matters affecting the rights and obligations of the members of the academic community in accordance with relevant current legislation as well as with the university’s internal rules and regulations.

Requests for the University Ombudsperson to intervene in a matter must be made by means of a signed written reasoned submission clearly stating the issue at hand as well as the name and address of the petitioner(s).

Once a complaint or claim is admitted, the Ombudsperson shall investigate the circumstances on the basis of which it was filed, and gather all available information in order to propose a solution or offer mediation or, where there is no feasible solution, explain to the petitioner(s) why. Whilst a complaint or claim is being processed, the Ombudsperson shall keep the petitioner(s) continually informed on progress, up until the end of the process.

The Ombudsperson will draw from their experience in problem study and conflict mediation to make the suggestions they deem appropriate in order to improve the quality of university life as well as the services provided by Universidad CEU San Pablo. In order to do that, they will submit to the Rector a Report on their work every academic year.

University Ombudsperson

Mr. Andrés M.ª Gutiérrez Gómez


C/ Julián Romea, 18. Room 5
28003 Madrid