CEU Digital Technologies receives an international award

CEU Digital Technologies Director, Iñaki Bilbao, has received ‘Best Digital Skills Facilitator’ at the European Digital Mindset Awards for the project CEU Digital Technologies. This is an efficient, innovative, and scalable ecosystem, co-operated by students, companies and CEU universities which aims to promote the best digital expertise for our society.

The aim of the European Digital Mindset Awards is to recognize the most innovative digital transformation and leadership projects which present a disruptive and innovative approach to customer experience, IT management and a new digital business model. This award recognizes CEU Universities as having presented the best project to promote talent and digital business transformation.

The ceremony was held during the Digital Enterprise Show, the leading event dedicated to Digital Transformation, hosted at IFEMA from May 18 to 20, which was also attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, and head of CEU Digital, Ricardo Palomo. The event brings together the best experts in the field to provide cutting-edge technologies and solutions to the challenges and needs of today's society.

CEU Digital Technologies is the specialized vertical in advanced technologies of CEU Digital and represents the instructive outreach of the CEU educational group in technologies of the digital age. It aims to promote an efficient, innovative, and adaptable ecosystem, bringing together students, companies, institutions and CEU Universities, involving the finest digital talent, aligned to the public interest, the empowerment of women in this field, and to employability. The objective is to promote the sustainable digital transformation of our economy and our society through programs offered in co-operation with leading technology companies.

These partnerships allow CEU Digital Technologies to offer modular and certifiable training programs in the new technologies that will substantiate the labor demand in the coming years. These will be proprietary degrees with a disruptive impact on the economy and institutions, which will play a large part in shaping the development of digital society:

• CLOUD COMPUTING PROGRAM, powered by AWS (Amazon).



The ecosystem also includes companies such as Fujitsu, Generali, Telefónica, Everis, Enimbos, and Capgemini that have already joined as partners and collaborate in the demands of the courses and/or in the study scholarship programs.

The training partners are companies and institutions that collaborate in the practical development of the programs, managing challenges with social objectives, and allowing our students to obtain comprehensive applied training. The Training Partners participate in the proposal, monitoring and assessment of the practical challenges encountered by the students of the courses.

The recruiting partners are companies and institutions that collaborate by providing scholarships to our students to recruit them and incorporate new expertise into their organizations.

CEU Women partners are companies and institutions that are committed to promoting female expertise in technology and providing scholarships to our female students so that they can be employed by these organizations.

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