The Centre of Metabolomics and Bioanalysis (CEMBIO) of the University CEU San Pablo, awarded an eligible Center to host a Ramón y Cajal Fellow
CEMBIO (, a Research Center located at CEU San Pablo University in Madrid, has been awarded an eligible Center to host a Ramón y Cajal Fellow. 
CEMBIO is a leading lab in Metabolomics using mass spectrometry coupled to different separation techniques (GC-MS, LC-MS and CE-MS). 
Briefly, Metabolomics is the study of the unique chemical fingerprints related to small-molecules (metabolites) that specific cellular processes leave behind when they are altered due to diseases, medical treatments, environment, or nutrition, among others. 
At CEMBIO we work by differential analysis of sample profiles (metabolic fingerprinting). 
We offer: searching of metabolic changes without a priori hypothesis to unveil drug mechanisms of action, toxicity or resistance; patient’s stratification based on non-target metabolomics, as well as targeted pathway analysis. 
CEMBIO has capacity for tackling all the aspects related to metabolomic analysis, from experimental design, to selection of analytical methods, appropriate statistical methods for data treatment and final biochemical interpretation. 
Techniques for target analysis are also available and method development is part of the expertise.
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