Tribute to Calderón de la Barca on the 340th anniversary of his death

The University research team that is searching for the remains of Calderón de la Barca has organized a tribute to the writer in Madrid to mark the 340th anniversary of his death. This event had the support of the Madrid City Council Cultural Heritage Department and began with a floral offering at the site of his first tomb in San Salvador Church at number 71 of Calle Mayor, today a residential building.

This was followed by an evening event held in the Patio de Cristales of the Casa de la Villa, where the professor leading the investigation in the search for Calderón's remains, Pablo Sánchez Garrido, announced the progress being made. Namely that part of Calderón's remains are on the site of his first tomb. This is to be found in the old church of San Salvador, where he was buried along with other poor priests of the Congregation of San Pedro to which he belonged. This investigation is part of the ‘Calderón Project’, which includes various lines of research.

When the remains were exhumed in 1840, shortly before the demolition of this church, the attorney indicated that they were “very rotten and incomplete due to intense humidity”. Therefore, only the most complete fragments were kept in the casket that the researchers are looking for in the church of Los Dolores. The professor has announced the imminent search of the underground vault where a glass container with part of Calderón's remains that were in a worse condition could have been kept.

Covid has interrupted the search for the remains in the church of Los Dolores (Calle San Bernardo 103), which began in December 2020. The ground-penetrating radar has shown a couple of points that require archaeological verification, but they must be accessed through the adjoining nursing home.  Currently, the researchers are waiting to obtain permission to access the residence.

In addition, Professor Sánchez Garrido announced that the University is recovering one of the floors of Casa de Calderón which will house a research centre for Calderón and for the defense of Spanish cultural heritage, as well as promoting a research grant in the Golden Age.

The announcement of this progress was celebrated in a commemorative ceremony in the Patio de Cristales of the Casa de la Villa with speeches by the writer Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Enrique Rull from the Calderonistas and Ana Suárez of the Congregation of San Pedro - universal heir of Calderón-; and the director of the research, Professor Pablo Sánchez Garrido.

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