Recognition of outstanding students

As part of its continuing efforts to promote the values ??and virtues of Christian humanism, and to educate committed individuals, the University has chosen to recognize 22 students for their academic, professional, and human excellence through their participation in the 1st edition of the High Performance Plan. The program rewards the efforts of these outstanding students, who have been able to participate and work together in solving challenges put to them over two days of face-to-face sessions.

During the first day, which focused on teamwork, the students, accompanied by the Vice-Chancellor of Students and University Life, Ángel Bartolomé; the Director of Professional Careers, Carmen Sebrango; and the Technical Coordinator of Sports Activities, Jose Luis Valero, demonstrated their ability to work in collaboration with others to achieve a common goal, at times putting their own personal interests in second place. They also proved their ability to weigh up the impact of their own actions on the success of the team and to support each other in the face of difficulties.

The second day, which focused on talent, took place at the headquarters of The Adecco Group, where the students were received by the CEO of Adecco Spain, Iker Barricat. In this session, opened by the Dean, Rosa Visiedo, and by the director of People & Culture at The Adecco Group, Encarna Maroño, the students were divided into groups and they participated in two different group dynamics situations: Riders of History and Talent Games. These are dynamics situations that Adecco uses in its selection processes to identify transversal competencies in candidates: communication skills, negotiation, initiative, goal orientation, leadership, teamwork, flexibility, and storytelling.

The activities were led by the Director of People & Culture at The Adecco Group, and by the group’s Director of Talent, Alberto Gavilán, accompanied by consultants from Adecco’s Human Resources area, and by Laura Martín and Carmen Sebrango, from Professional Careers from the University.

The University has encouraged these students to continue working with the same dedication and enthusiasm in all projects they undertake and has emphasized the University’s pride in having such excellent people in our university community.

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