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Scholarships & Financial Aid - Undergraduate Students

Scholarships and Grants for Athletes

CEU Scolarships to Support Athletes

The CEU Merit 100 - 65 and Athlete Support Scholarships were created with the aim of attracting the best athletes and promising sportsmen and sportswomen. This scholarship is complemented by the CEU Athlete Support Programme, which favours the conciliation of sporting and academic careers in order to be successful and allow students to enter the labour market once they have completed their sporting careers.

They may involve the reduction of tuition fees by up to 100% for the degree chosen for the 2024-2025 academic year, taking into account academic criteria and valuing the accreditation of knowledge of other languages and participation in social and extracurricular activities. The Commission will also take into account the results of the admission tests.

In the case of two simultaneous degrees, the scholarship will be applied exclusively to the tuition fees of the first of the degrees.


These scholarships may be awarded to those students who can prove their status as elite sportsmen and women or promising young people and whose average mark in 1st and 2nd year of Bachillerato is equal to or higher than 7 (out of 10).

Single call for proposals: 

  • Deadline for submission: until 10 June 2024 at 23:59.
  • Resolution date: 20 June 2024.

Log in to your Future Student Portal, go to the Scholarships section and fill in the application form.

Becas ayuda deportistas

Our distinctive values

  • Guidance service in the choice of studies and design of a study plan tailored to each athlete, taking into account their preferences and qualities.
  • Accompaniment of the athlete with an academic and sports tutor, a mentor, the University Wellbeing Service, Careers, Sports Coaching and Pastoral Care.
  • Teaching staff accustomed to Hyflex online and hybrid training already successfully implemented in their centres.
  • For group changes, timetables and exams, in addition to the competition calendar, concentrations, institutional commitments and trips related to sporting activity, training or competitive stress will be taken into account.
  • This programme allows for flexibility in the minimum number of credits for enrolment.
  • Thanks to the three CEU universities, we have more than 150 degrees, divided into bachelor's degrees, double degrees and bilingual degrees.
  • The largest Spanish educational group with more than 80 years of teaching experience.
  • Specific scholarship programme.
  • Access to the health services of any of the CEU Clinics under special conditions: Medicine, Physiotherapy, Dentistry and Nutrition.

More advantages

  • Access to CEU Clinics.
  • Sports and academic excellence award.
  • Recognition of merits by activities in the European Title Supplement and in micro digital skills credentials, certified by BADGR.
  • 'CEU Merit Program Deportistas' specific scholarship programme.

Who do we focus on?

It is designed to include elite, amateurs and professional, Spanish and international, seniors and retired athletes (Lifelong learning):

  • High Level Athletes (DAN) and High Performance Athletes (DAR)
  • Plan Asociación de Deportes Olímpicos (ADO) and Plan Apoyo al Deporte Objetivo Paralímpico (ADOP)  athletes.
  • Athletes called by a regional or national team.
  • Athletes who have participate in University European Championships, World University or Winter or Summer University Championships.
  • Professional athletes.
  • Elite retired athletes.
  • Level 1 Coaches. 

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