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Scholarships & Financial Aid - Undergraduate Students

Scholarships and Grants for Athletes

A distinctive programme

‘Programa CEU Apoyo a Deportistas’ (CEU Athlete Support Programme) is designed to successfully balance sports and academic careers and allows students to enter the job market once their sports career has concluded.

Thanks to the CEU teaching experience and its Hyflex teaching method, we can offer elite athletes custom-made and flexible university academic training according to their needs. Wherever they are, with support and personalized tutoring.

CEU Scolarships to Support Athletes

Scholarhsips granted to elite athletes and young talents, that mean a reduction on tuition of between 30% y 100% for the correspoing chosen degree exclusively for the academic year 2022-2023. The renewal of these scholarships is annual, per academic year. Regardless of applying for other CEU scholarships, these will be exclusive and non-cumulative. 

Regardless of the worth of the scholarship asked and given, students that fulfil the Elite Athletes or Young Talents features will become part of the Athletes Support Programme and will be able to access the services and advantages it offers. 

In the case of two simultaneous degrees, the scholarship will be applied exclusively to the tuition fees of the first of the degrees listed in the terms and conditions. 


Once you have passed the admission process, you must attach your documentation accrediting you as an Elite Athlete or Young Talent to the Future Student Portal.

If you are awarded the scholarship, you will get the final admission as soon as you pass the EvAU and upload your grades to the Future Student Portal.

You can apply for them until 1 June 2022 at 23:59 h.  We will notify the award on 13 June 2022.

Becas ayuda deportistas

Our distinctive values

  • Guidance service to choose the studies and design a custom-made course syllabus for each athlete, taking into account its preferences and skills.
  • Support to the athlete through an academic and sports tutor, a mentor, the University Guidance Service, Career Center, Sports Couching and Pastoral.
  • Teaching staff used to online and hybrid Hyflex training, successfully introduced in their centres.
  • In order to change groups, hours and exams, it will be taken into account the competitions calendar, pre-game meetings, institutional commitments and trips related to the sports activity, training or competitive stress.
  • Programme which provides flexibility in terms of minimum number of credits in which the athlete can enrol.
  • Thanks to the three CEU universities, we have more than 150 programmes, distributed in degrees, dual degrees and bilingual degrees. 
  • Largest Spanish education group with more than 80 years of teaching experience.

More advantages

  • Access to CEU Clinics.
  • Sports and academic excellence award.
  • Recognition of merits by activities in the European Title Supplement and in micro digital skills credentials, certified by BADGR.
  • 'CEU Merit Program Deportistas' specific scholarship programme.

Who do we focus on?

It is designed to include elite, amateurs and professional, Spanish and international, seniors and retired athletes (Lifelong learning):

  • High Level Athletes (DAN) and High Performance Athletes (DAR)
  • Plan ADO and Plan ADOP athletes.
  • Athletes called by a regional or national team.
  • Athletes who have participate in University European Championships, World University or Winter or Summer University Championships.
  • Professional athletes.
  • Elite retired athletes.
  • Level 1 Coaches. 

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