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Admission Process

Going to university is one of the most important life experiences, and one that will condition your professional and professional future. 

You face the challenge of deciding which degree or degrees to study. For this reason, the CEU San Pablo University Admissions Service team is at your disposal. 

Our advisors, with the assistance of our professors, will provide you with all the help you need to resolve your doubts and help you choose the degree with which to turn your vocation into a brilliant professional future.

Applying for a place

Our admission process is very simple.

  1. First of all, you must fill out the application form.
  2. Once you have filled out the form with your personal information, you will receive an email with your credentials to access the Prospective Students Portal (PSP), where you can check, whenever you want, the status of your application and complete the admission and enrollment process.
  3. You will then be able to choose a date and time to have your interview with one of our teachers. You will have the opportunity to make yourself known and ask any questions you may have about our university and the degree program you have chosen. The interviewer will be able to evaluate your academic achievements, your language skills, as well as your motivation to pursue the specific degree you are applying for. In addition, they will look for your strengths to ensure your success in your future university career.
  4. Once the interview report has been evaluated, you will receive a decision on your application for admission.

Pre-enrollment and place reservation

Once the resolution is communicated, and in case it is favorable, the deadline to pay the Pre-registration fee and place reservation will be specified.

  • Enter the Future Student Portal.
  • Choose one of the following payment options.
    • Online payment of the place reservation by credit card.
    • Payment by bank office.

Universidad CEU San Pablo only guarantees a place for those applicants who pay the pre-enrollment fee and place reservation within the period stated in the pre-admission notice. This amount is accrued independently of the academic fees and cannot be refunded.

Students who have not passed the EvAU entrance exam in the ordinary call, and have made their pre-registration, will have priority in the enrollment once they pass the EvAU in the extraordinary call as long as there are places available.

Possibility of testing and need to provide documentation

Once you have pre-registered and your place has been reserved, we will offer you to take various online tests to ensure that your knowledge is adequate to ensure your academic success. 

Once you have taken these tests, you will receive the results and, if necessary, a proposal for leveling in certain areas.

These tests may be the following:

  • English test
    It will serve to orient us about the level of English with which you enter the University. Before graduating, you must certify a B2 level of English to obtain your university degree (in English or bilingual programs the certification must be done before the end of the second year).
  • Spanish test
    This is a test aimed at non-Spanish speaking candidates who wish to take a degree in Spanish, bilingual or any of the degrees of the School of Humanities and Communication Sciences.
  • Specific tests
    • Bachelor's degrees of the School of Economics and Business and Bachelor's degrees of the Institute of Technology (Engineering).The candidate will be able to take a Mathematics Test.
    • Bachelor's degree in Dentistry. All students applying for the Bachelor's degree in Dentistry (100% English or 100% Spanish) can take a Chemistry Test and a Biology Test.
    • International Bilingual Programs (IBP).
      The possibility of taking internal* TOEFL tests will be offered, in case of not having the official language certificate (TOEFL or IELTS).
      *These tests are valid only for admission to international bilingual programs at Universidad CEU San Pablo.

If you are a foreign student, at this point we may need to ask you to provide a document of academic equivalency to ensure that you will indeed be able to gain legal access to the Spanish university education system within the established time frame.


Enrollment is finalised through the Future Student Portal, within the established deadline and it entails the following steps:

  1. Upload your legal access document to the university. If you are an international student.
  2. Pay the registration fee. The means of payment are the same as for the payment of the reservation fee (credit or debit card or bank transfer).
  3. Fill in the information in the "Registration" form (this form is enabled after the payment confirmation).
  4. After 24 hours, you must confirm the bank details and digitally sign the SEPA Direct Debit Order.

Enrolment will not be formalised until the certifying document to access University is received.

Waiver of Pre-enrolment and/or Enrolment will only be effective when communicated in writing to the Admissions and New Student Service of Universidad CEU San Pablo. ([email protected]).


Transfer of files and credit recognition

The process of admission by transfer from other universities involves the evaluation of the personal and academic curriculum. In most cases, it includes an interview.

During the process, a provisional credit recognition report will be required (cost €100). For this we request the following documentation:

  • Certificate of qualifications. Documentation related to the studies you have done so far.
  • University Syllabus (including number of credits and nature of the subject).
  • University course syllabus (teaching guides) (in a single file)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of motivation

If the documentation is in a language other than Spanish or English, we will let you know if it is necessary to provide a translation of the documents.

The higher education model at Universidad CEU San Pablo is based on personalised monitoring, Christian humanist values, solidarity and teamwork. This implies that the University can only guarantee the competence of its graduates after spending a period of time exposed to this model. For this reason, transfers from other universities are only admitted if they do not imply recognition or validation for more than 144 credits.

The definitive admission will take place when you hand in the stamped academic documentation, or certified copies by post or in person:

  • Official academic transcript, stamped by the university (original or certified copy).
  • Curriculum sealed by the university (original or certified copy).
  • Programmes of the subjects that have led to the validation, stamped by the university (original or certified copy).

In the event that the university studies have been carried out outside the European Union, they must also be legalised by the Apostille of The Hague, or through diplomatic channels. If this documentation is not provided before the start of the course, the validations will not be effective.