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Universidad CEU San Pablo offers international students a range of services to make their arrival in Spain and their integration into the University as comfortable and easy as possible.

The Admission and New International Student Service will support you at all times, helping you with the administrative procedures in your country, contracts for services in Madrid (bank, telephone, medical assistance, etc.) and also we will do our best to solve any doubts or problems that may arise during the year.

In addition, whether you are an international student or you come from other parts of Spain, you may enjoy our free guide to discover Madrid.

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Hospitality Service for Undergraduate Students

  • Legal access university*

    We handle the recognition of your studies abroad to the Spanish system so that the differences between educational systems do not pose a problem.


  • International Student Identity Card

    Just for being an international student at Universidad CEU San Pablo, you can benefit from the advantages of the ISIC digital card, International Student Identity Card, with different brands, restaurants, cultural plans, accommodation...

    More than 6 million students around the world are already enjoying its benefits.

  • Transport card

    We request your transport card so that, when you arrive, you only have to select your monthly plan and start discovering every corner of Madrid using the extensive public transport network (metro, bus, Metro Ligero, Cercanías, etc.).

  • Accommodation

    We offer you a wide recommendation of University Residences in Madrid. If this is not enough, you can request an additional personalised accommodation search service.

  • "Cero" course*

    If you have studied in a non-European educational system, we offer you a reinforcement programme in Spanish in order to level the knowledge required by each Facult.
    * Only for Spanish speakers.

  • Welcome VIP Pack by El Corte Inglés

    As a CEU international student you can enjoy a VIP experience at El Corte Inglés with services included such as: 10% off your purchases, welcome drink and tapa, image consultancy, personal shopper, illustrated map of Madrid, and much more!
    *For you and your family members.

  • Migratory Access

    We help you with the whole process of obtaining your Foreigner’s Identity Number and the physical card (NIE and TIE), which are necessary to reside in Spain for more than 6 months.

  • Visa Documentation

    Applying for a student visa is one of the most challenging procedures. For this reason, you will find in the app the letter of admission to the University as the first step to apply for your visa. You will also find information on how to take out private medical insurance** with the necessary characteristics to apply for this procedure.
    ** This service is optional and the cost of the policy is not included in the Hospitality pack.

  • Bank account

    We can help you open a bank account with Banco Santander, the University’s partner bank
    and one of the most prestigious banks in Spain, both nationally and internationally.

  • Spanish Language Course*

    We offer an intensive online course for non-Spanish speaking students. It will take place in the last two weeks of August and there are three levels (A1, A2 and B1). In addition, Metaverso will be used for complementary activities.

    * Only for non-Spanish speakers.

  • Telephone SIM Card

    We will manage your phone card with a Spanish number and, in addition, we will give you €15 in calls and internet.

  • Additional Services

    Airport pick-up
    We handle your pick-up at Madrid airport on your arrival in the capital so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

    Private medical insurance
    We provide you with several quotes with different medical insurance companies so that you can take out your insurance directly with the broker.

    Accommodation search
    We help you to find accommodation adapted to your needs.

*These services are not available for master degree students

In addition, you will find optional services, such as health insurance and advice on accommodation and essential information for the new international student. This is how you will get to know the university and your new classmates.

This service is not optional and its payment is made jointly with the reservation fee. The package costs €600 and all the services mentioned above are included. Once the payment has been made, no refund will be given (with the exception of justified cases)

How can I make use of this service?
If you are interested in the Hospitality package, first you must start the admission process in the Degree you are interested in and successfully pass it. Once you have been pre-admitted, you will be able to make the payment together with the reservation fee in a one-time payment. From then on, our Hospitality team will contact you.

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Accommodation in Madrid

We have put together a document with all the information about halls of residence and other types of students accommodation in Madrid. We will also be happy to assisst you in your search to make sure you find the best accommodation option for you and have the greatest Madrid experience.