Transfer of university records

If you have begun/completed university studies and wish to transfer to Universidad CEU San Pablo, the process consists of the following steps:

  1. Application
  2. Selection
  3. Provisional Report on Credit Recognition
  4. Interview
  5. Admission and Enrollment
  6. Administrative rules


The application for admission begins through the following link. Once it has been completed, you will receive an e mail with your personal user name and password enabling you access your application.


The selection process consists of the evaluation of the candidate’s personal and academic records, admission tests and an interview.

The documentation requested is the following:

  1. 1. During the admission process you must provide the following documents:

    • Valid passport
    • Photo (passport-type)
    • Academic transcripts of the studies you have carried out to date
    • Motivation letter
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Language certificates (obligatory only for some IBP programs)

    The documentation must be uploaded into the application form in order to continue to the admission tests.

    If you opt for one of the International Degrees consult the language requirements for each program through this link.

    Grades: We do not require a minimum score or grade, since these are considered alongside your academic and personal records. For this reason, we recommend that all additional documentation required be prepared very carefully.

  2. 2. Admission tests: general competency and language, done online through the Future Student Portal
  3. 3. Interview: done through Teams with a university professor

Evaluation of the candidate:

  • 60% academic records
  • 40% evaluation of personal and academic profile during the interview (includes language competence)


If you have completed the selection process, the next step is to obtain a provisional report on credit recognition. The obtention of this report has the cost of € 100 which could be paid by credit card or a bank transfer. If you choose to pay by a bank transfer, send us a proof of payment to

For the provisional report to be prepared, you must supply the following documentation:

  • Academic transcript for the courses you have taken at your university (stamped by your university)
  • Study plan of the entire degree (stamped by your university)
  • Detailed description of the subjects you have already passed (stamped by your university).

If your documents are not in Spanish or English, we will indicate whether it is necessary to provide a translation of the documents.

Once your documentation has been submitted, we will inform you of the outcome within 3 weeks.

If you agree with the provisional report, you must notify us by sending an email to the Admission and New Student Service in order to proceed with your admission.

Important: CEU San Pablo University’s model of higher education, based on personalized accompaniment, the values of Christian Humanism, solidarity and team work, means that the University can only guarantee the competence of its graduates after they have spent a period of time exposed to this model. For this reason, it only accepts academic transfers from other Universities that do not involve recognition or transfer of more than 120 credits.


If you have passed the selection process and accepted the provisional report on credit recognition, you will be notified by email of your pre-admission. This notification will indicate how to formalize the pre-admission and the deadline.

The pre-admission process is formalized by making the payment* of the reservation fee of €695 and the Hospitality Services fee of €500 by credit card or a bank transfer. If you choose to pay by a transfer, send us a proof of payment to

*this payment guarantees your place, provided that the payment is made by the deadline indicated.

*the amount paid as the pre-admission fee does not form part of the academic fees and is non-refundable.

Once the pre-admission payment is made, the candidate will be notified by e mail with instructions on how to formalize the enrollment.

Formalization of enrollment involves three steps:

  • Payment of the enrollment fees (€1295 for single degrees and €1795 for double degrees) within the deadline indicated
  • Completion of the enrollment form
  • Signing of the enrollment documents

Definitive enrollment will be granted when the student has provided stamped academic documentation or certified copies by post or in person:

  • Academic transcript for the courses you have taken at your university stamped by your university, original or a certified copy
  • Study plan of the entire degree stamped by the university, original or a certified copy
  • Detailed description of the subjects you have already passed stamped by your university, original or certified copies.

If the university studies have been pursued outside of the European Union, the documents must also be legalized by the Hague Apostille or via diplomatic channels. If the requested documentation is not submitted before the beginning of the academic year, the provisional report on credit recognition will not come into effect.

Administrative rules

To know more about Administrative rules click here.


Steps for selecting interview dates:

  1. 1. Enter your intranet of future student
  2. 2. Choose a date and a day to do the interview (Spanish time)
  3. 3. You can do the interview online (Teams)
  4. 4. When you have chosen a date and time to do the interview, you will receive an e-mail with the instructions
  5. 5. Do not forget which day you have to do the interview (Spanish time) and make sure you have uploaded all the documentation we ask you for.

The admission interview is an exceptional occasion for us to get to know the candidates better and for you to get to know the CEU San Pablo University better. On the day of the interview, take advantage of the opportunity and ask the professor anything you want: How are the exams?; How many students are there in class?; What subjects are studied in the first year?

The professor will assess the reasons that lead you to study the chosen degree, your interests beyond the academic, as well as your language skills.

The objective of the admission test is to ensure your academic success at our University.

If after the test you forgot to ask something, call the International Admissions Service (+34915140404) or write to, we will be happy to help you!