Transfer of university records

If you have begun/completed university studies and wish to transfer to CEU San Pablo University, the process consists of the following steps: 

  1. Application
  2. Selection
  3. Provisional Acceptance
  4. Acceptance and Enrollment
  5. Administrative rules


The application for admission begins through the following link. Once it has been completed, you will receive an e mail with your personal user name and password enabling you access your application. Through your application you will be able to consult the status of your application, as well as request International Student Support Services. 


The selection process consists in an interview which may be on-line (Skype) or face-to-face, and evaluation of the candidate’s personal and academic curriculum vitae. 

For this purpose you must provide the following documents (in the language you are going to study in) 

  • Academic transcript of subjects passed indicating marks and credits.
  • Recent curriculum vitae
  • Covering letter explaining your situation and the reasons why you are applying for a transfer to the CEU San Pablo University.

The documentation must be uploaded before the interview is held through your application. You can also send the documentation by e mail to  


If you have completed the selection process, the next step is to produce provisional credit recognition/transfer report so that you know what your definitive acceptance will be like. The provisional credit recognition/transfer report has a cost of € 60 which you must pay through a transfer. 

For the provisional report to be drawn up, you must supply the following documentation: 

  • Academic Transcript from the University where you took the degree courses (an uncertified copy of the transcript is acceptable)
  • Syllabus stamped by the University (including the number of credits and the type of subject. Uncertified copies are acceptable)
  • Subject programmes from the University (Uncertified copies are acceptable)

If your documents are not in Spanish or English, we will indicate whether it is necessary to furnish a translation of the documents. 

Once your documentation has been submitted, we will inform you of the outcome within 3 weeks so that you can understand clearly the conditions under which you would be enrolling at our University.  

If you agree with the provisional validation report, you must notify us of this through an e-mail addressed to the International Student Admission and Support Service in order to proceed with your pre-admission.

Formalization of the pre-admission is done through payment by bank transfer (€ 595. Pre-inscription fee) 

Furthermore, If you have indicated in your application that you would like to receive the Support Services available for International Students, then you must pay the cost of these services (€ 350). 

CEU San Pablo University’s model of higher education, based on personalized accompaniment, the values of Christian Humanism, solidarity and team work, means that the University can only guarantee the competence of its graduates after they have spent a period of time exposed to this model. For this reason, it only accepts academic transfers from other Universities that do not involve recognition or transfer of more than 120 credits. 


Definitive acceptance will be granted once you provide the original academic information or certified copies by post or in person: 

  • Marks transcript stamped by the university, original or certified copy
  • Syllabus stamped by the university, original or certified copy
  • Programmes of the subjects giving rise to credit recognition and transfer, stamped by the university, originals or certified copies.

Should the university studies have been pursued outside the European Union, they must also be legalized by means of the Sole Apostille under the Hague Convention or else via diplomatic authentication.

Once we have this documentation, you will be granted Definitive Acceptance and you may formalize your enrolment through the following procedures: 

  • Payment of the enrolment fees (€ 1,295) within the period indicated in the acceptance notification
  • Completion of the registration form
  • Signing of the registration document

Administrative rules

To know more about Administrative rules click here.