First year students

The admission process for 1st year students involves 4 simple steps: 

  1. Application
  2. Selection
  3. Provisional Acceptance
  4. Acceptance and Enrollment
  5. Administrative rules


The application for admission begins through the following link. Once it has been completed, you will receive an e mail with your personal user name and password giving you access to your future student portal.


The selection process consists in an evaluation of the candidate’s personal and academic records, a skills test (general and language test), and an orientation interview

During the admission process you must provide the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Academic transcripts of the studies you have carried out to date, which allow you access to the Spanish University system. In the case of secondary school students, the grades for the last two academic years
  • The grade equivalence document needs to be submitted by those students who have completed a foreign pre-university system (not applicable to transfer students) and who wish to apply for a scholarship or for the Degree in Dentistry (in English).
  • Resumé
  • Language certificates
  • Personal Statement

The documentation must be uploaded in the application to be able to continue with the skills test.

If you opt for one of the International Degrees consult the admission requirements for each program through this link.

Grades: We do not require a minimum score or grade, since these are considered alongside your academic and personal records. For this reason, we recommend that all additional documentation required be prepared very carefully.

Evaluation of the candidate:

  • 60% academic records
  • 40% evaluation of personal and academic profile during the interview (includes language competence).


If you have completed the selection process and still do not meet all the requirements for Admission to Spanish Universities (Recognition of the High School Diploma, Academic Report, etc.) you will be notified by e mail of your provisional acceptance. This notification will indicate how to formalize the pre-registration and the deadline for doing his.  

The pre-registartion process is formalized by making the payment of the reservation fee of €695 and the Hospitality Services fee of €500 by credit card or bank transfer. If you choose to pay by transfer, send us a proof of payment to

Payment of the pre-registration fee guarantees your place, provided that the payment is made by the deadline indicated on the provisional acceptance letter. Your guaranteed place is subject to whether there are vacancies at the moment you provide documentary evidence of having complied with all the legal requirements for entrance to a Spanish University.  

The amount paid as a pre-registration fee does not form part of the academic fees and is non-refundable.


Definitive acceptance will be granted once the student has provided documentary evidence of satisfying the entrance requirements for Spanish Universities (through official recognition of foreign studies). Once admitted, the candidate will be notified by e mail with instructions on how to formalize enrollment.

Formalization of enrollment involves three steps:

  • Payment of the enrollment fees (€1295 for single degrees and €1795 for double degrees) within the deadline indicated in the acceptance notification.
  • Completion of the registration-enrollment form
  • Signing of the registration-enrollment document

Once the selection process has been completed, those students who have completed the studies allowing them to access University studies and have submitted the documentation accrediting this, will proceed directly to the stage of Definitive Acceptance, with no need for provisional acceptance. In this case, payment of the pre-inscription and enrollment fees must be made simultaneously (€695 + €1295 for single degrees and €1.795 for double degrees).

Enrollment will not be final until the original documents required for entrance to Spanish universities (or certified copies) have been received.


International students wishing to study Medicine can find out about this process through the following link (in Spanish only).  

Administrative rules

To learn more about Administrative rules click here.