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USPCEU launches Forward Programme to support Ukraine

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In response to the situation of extreme vulnerability of the Ukrainian university community and in collaboration with CRUE Spanish Universities, SEPIE, the Ministry for Universities, and the European University Association (EUA), among other entities, CEU San Pablo University has launched the Forward Ukraine programme, aimed at providing support from different angles.

In the area of the internal legal framework, for example, on 6 April last, the Standing Committee of the Governing Council approved a "PROTOCOL FOR ADMISSION, EMPLOYABILITY AND ACCOMMODATION AT THE UNIVERSITY SAN PABLO-CEU FOR REFUGEES AND ASYLUM SEEKERS: Students/PDI/PAS" with the aim of helping the university community in situations of extreme vulnerability to exercise their right of access to higher education and develop their scientific potential as university teachers or researchers (PDI) or carry out their work as university administrative or service staff (PAS), while they are in our country.

Plans have also been implemented to promote the employability of Ukrainian students, such as free enrolment for students from the Ukrainian university community in the University Extension-Erasmus Accede Certificate for the Promotion of Employability by the CEU San Pablo University (2 ECTS), which provides 20 hours of online training (available in Spanish and English) with (optional) access to the employment and internship portal. In non-regulated training for students, access has been facilitated for Ukrainian students to the Summer/Winter University and to the University's own degree in Values and Leadership in the Digital Age, and in language training for students, teaching and research staff and administrative and service staff, access has been provided to language courses (Spanish and English) in online or face-to-face mode for students, teaching and research staff and Ukrainian administrative and service staff. In addition, language learning material will be provided by opening a line of funding through the specific adaptation of the Erasmus+ K107 Programme.

A separately funded programme has also been drawn up for three-year post-doctoral contracts aimed at enabling up to three Ukrainian PhD researchers to join USP-CEU Recognised Research Groups (GIR) with EXCELLENT or CONSOLIDATED status. Access has also been facilitated for Ukrainian students to the university's social activities (Campus Life, Sports, Pastoral, etc.), and for the entire university community (students, PDI, Ukrainian PAS) to the University Counselling Service (SOU) for psychological care and counselling and emotional well-being of the university community.

Various academic conferences have also been organised: on 6 April, the conference "Responses to a Ukraine at War" was held in the Law Faculty Auditorium; today, 21 April, a conference on disinformation and censorship in the Ukrainian War will be held in the Moncloa Campus Auditorium; on 25 April, a commercial and bankruptcy charity conference will also be held in the Auditorium, the proceeds of which will go to the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR), which has already managed the reception of hundreds of Ukrainian refugees. As a sign of solidarity, the Ukrainian flag has also been included next to the flags of the Montepríncipe campus.

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