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Job training and placement programme for athletes

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CEU has signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE) with the aim of facilitating job training and job placement for paralympic athletes, establishing a framework to do so within the existing CEU Athlete Support programme.

The agreement was signed by Javier Tello, Managing Director of the Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU, and Miguel Sagarra, Secretary General of the Spanish Paralympic Committee. Thanks to this agreement, CEU will establish special conditions for the enrolment of athletes in the various training programs available at its universities (Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Seville). In addition, financial aid will be given to the athletes linked to the Committee and the Spanish Paralympic Team; athletes may request the appropriate academic adaptations as long as their timetable is incompatible with the sports schedule.

The aim is for high-level athletes to be able to study and build a future beyond their life in sports. During their professional sports careers, it is not easy to balance both responsibilities due to the many hours dedicated to practice, competitions, and travel.

At the presentation and signing of the agreement, student Miguel Ángel Navarro highlighted the adaptations that the university offers to athletes to reach their goals on the field and in the classroom. "Sport is not only a physical activity, but also has a great power to transform society. It is a tool for values education, for self-improvement and for the promotion of diversity, respect and teamwork. These are principles shared by CEU, which strives to help all students become not only good professionals, but also good people. A key aspect of this university is that knowledge and values are passed on simultaneously".

Delighted with the signing of this agreement, Javier Tello, Managing Director of the Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU, expressed the importance of this collaboration with the Spanish Paralympic Committee: "As an educational institution which aims to be a model for others, with an impeccable reputation, we couldn't have asked for a better partner for this journey."

Regarding these types of programmes, Tello stated that "they are tailor-made programmes, which is a further step forward, therefore, we are making progress in the idea that a university with thousands of students is capable of creating personalised solutions".

Miguel Sagarra, Secretary General of the CPE, concluded the event by stressing the importance of universities, like CEU, supporting the education of high-level athletes and, more specifically, Paralympians: "For the Spanish Paralympic Committee it is a tremendous pleasure to meet partners like you, who are essential for a small yet amazing project like this one to continue growing. In addition to the sporting aspect, it is essential to help our athletes follow their desires to learn, and this trio of success--CEU, the Committee, and athletes--are making this possible. It is without a doubt that our athletes will take advantage of this exceptional environment to carve out a great future for themselves. Thank you very much for making this possible".

This collaboration between the CPE and the CEU Athlete Support programme is an addition to the collaboration that the university also has with the High Council of Sports and the collaboration with organisations such as the ONCE Foundation and Ilunion in support of students with disabilities.

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