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International Bilingual Programs

What is a IBP?

The International Bilingual Programs (IBP) arise from collaboration agreements with prestigious American universities to provide CEU students with the opportunity to add global training and a multicultural experience to their undergraduate studies. These are programs (undergraduate/postgraduate certificates or Master's degrees) that allow students to acquire a professional specialization in an area related to their CEU degree, which are highly recognized in the United States. 

They are aimed at students with a high level of English who want to enhance their academic profile and grow personally to meet the needs of the labor market.

These programs allow you to complete an exclusive training that culminates with a mobility in an American university and specialization in an area of knowledge. During an academic semester you study in the U.S. and obtain a diploma from the IBP's university.

This is a unique initiative through which the student will receive training at one of the following universities:

Social Sciences:
Health and Technology

Who can take an IBP?

If you are interested in pursuing an IBP program, you must meet the admission requirements of both Universidad CEU San Pablo and the American IBP university of your interest (associate degree, English level, grade point average, interview with a program interviewer).

Advantages of studying an IBP

If you pass the program, in addition to the Official Bachelor’s Degree certificate awarded by Universidad CEU San Pablo, you will get a:

  • Certificate for the IBP chosen, issued by the corresponding American university.
  • Bilingual Program Diploma from Universidad CEU San Pablo.

Scholarships and grants

The Vice-Rector for Internationalization of the University awards scholarships for IBPs regardless of any public or private scholarships and grants you may apply for. They will be granted a few months before going abroad.

Erasmus+ and Bilateral Exchange

If, in addition to an IBP, you wish to carry out another international mobility, within the Erasmus+ program or through Bilateral Exchange Agreements, you may do so as long as it does not coincide or affect the completion of the modules or the mobility of the program.