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Hospitality Service for Graduate Students

Foreigner Identity Card

We will help you in the application process of your Foreigner Identity Number and the physical card (NIE and TIE). They are required to be able to study in Madrid.

SIM Phone Card

You will receive a SIM card with a Spanish number and we will gift you with €15 in calls and internet.

Transport card

Once you have arrived, the transport card will allow you to get around Madrid using the wide public transport network of the Comunidad de Madrid.

International Student Card (ISIC)

This card will allow you to enjoy discounts on important brands, entertainment, culture and more.

Check out the discounts here.

Bank account

We manage the opening of a bank account in Banco Santander under your name. This is one of the most renowned and international Spanish banks.

This service is optional and may, or may not, be selected when making the reservation fee payment. The package costs €300 and all the services mentioned above are included. Once the payment has been made, no refund will be given (with the exception of justified cases).

How can I make use of this service?
If you are interested in the Hospitality package, first you must start the admission process in the Master you are interested in and successfully pass it. Once you have been pre-admitted, before you make the reservation fee payment, you will be able to select this service and pay both fees in a one-time payment. From then on, our Hospitality team will contact you.

More information:
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