International bilingual programs (IBPs)

What is an IBP?

The great international focus of the CEU can be seen through initiatives such as the so-called IBPs or International Bilingual Programs. These programs arise from partnerships with some of the most prestigious American universities to give students the opportunity to acquire global training and a multicultural experience.

These bilingual international programs are aimed at CEU undergraduates with a high level of English who wish to enhance their academic profile, grow personally and meet the needs of the labor market.

Students will study an undergraduate degree along with an English program consisting of several intensive modules taught by American professors in Madrid using the participatory methodology that characterizes the U.S. education system.

In the final years, students will finish their studies with a stay in the United States and will receive, in addition to the official certificate for the undergraduate degree studied at the CEU, an own qualification awarded by the American university for the IBP studied.

This is a unique initiative by means of which students will receive bilingual training from one of the prestigious universities:

Who can take an IBP?

Any students interested in taking this program can look at this information in the admissions section for each IBP.

Advantages of studying an IBP

If you pass the program, in addition to the Official Bachelor’s Degree certificate awarded by Universidad CEU San Pablo, you will get a:

  • Certificate for the IBP chosen, issued by the corresponding American university.

  • Bilingual Program Diploma from Universidad CEU San Pablo.

Scholarships and grants

The Vice-Chancellor for International Relations of the University awards scholarships for IBPs regardless of any public or private scholarships and grants you may apply for. They will be granted a few months before going abroad.

Each year, Boston University Metropolitan College International and CEU San Pablo University jointly award a scholarship to cover the specific fees of the CEU-BU International Business Certificate Program for the benefit of a student with high academic achievements (see legal basis)

Grant for Students of the CEU-BU Program 21-22

Erasmus+ and Bilateral Exchange

If, in addition to an IBP, you wish to complete another international study period within the European Commission's Erasmus+ Program or through the Bilateral Exchange Agreements signed between the university and other foreign universities, you will be able to do so as long as it does not coincide with or affect the undertaking of the modules or the study period abroad