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QS Stars gives CEU Universities the maximum distinction in teaching and employability


The qualification system QS Stars Rating has graded different aspects of CEU Unversities. In this evaluation, teaching, employability and inclusion received 5 stars, the maximum punctuation. In academic development, social responsibility and installations, the University was graded with 4 stars. QS Stars is an evaluation system in which many universities from all over the world participate in voluntarily to accredit the compliance of the demanding standards of quality stated by QS.

Recently, CEU Universities has been also recognized by QS – in its World University Ranking 2023- regarding internacionalization in the classrooms by occupying the fourth position in Spain and 301 at the world level.

Each of the sections of QS Stars is evaluated from different aspects. In the aspect of teaching they specially highlight the high level of general satisfaction of the students and, specially the satisfaction with the received teaching. It is also highlighted the correct proportion between student and teachers, this indicates classes of low massification. In terms of employability the ranking gave the maximum punctuation to the existance and quality of orientation services and professional carrees, the labor insertion rate of the graduated and the optimal reputation among employers. The obtained result in inclusion is thanks to the scholarhips and helps to study implemented by CEU, also to the implementation of measures to adecquate the studies to students who have any disability, and to the programs of help to the students who come from low income families.

This distninction confirms the quality of teaching, which is transladed in the high satisfaction of the students and the high labor insertion rate.

This calification highlights specially the reach of the scholarship system, the percentage of graduated students that get a job and the service of professional carrees.

In the rest of the analyzed dimensions, as the academic development, instalations and social responsibility, the programs of teaching development, sponsorship of social work and general and sports installations, and as the medical services of the different campus were highlighted.

To all these common aspects of the three univerisites, they evalutaed with 4 stars to the strength of an academic program in particular, the titulation of Veterinary. From which they highlighted the high rate of international students and the high level of the students’ satisfaction

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