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The University and Farlabo, a fragrances and cosmetics distributor, have signed a collaboration agreement with the goal of maximizing student employability. Rosa Visiedo and Carmen García de Elías, the rector and manager of the University, respectively, along with Farlabo's co-CEO, Iván Abeniacar, sealed this agreement, through which the School of Economics and Business continues to expand the CEU-Business ecosystem in its classrooms. 

The Aula CEU-Farlabo will allow students studying the Degree in Marketing and Commercial Management to develop their competencies and skills in accordance with the current and future job market needs. The students who will be part of this Aula have received an initial introductory session in which they have learned about the functioning and objectives of this project. Pablo Abeniacar, co-CEO of Farlabo, alongside Mónica Peñaranda, the company's Human Resources Director, gave a speech encouraging the students to get involved in this initiative and make the most of the university-business opportunities to further develop their talent. 

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