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CEU and Santander Universities gives scholarships to students and investigators


The director of Santander Universities and Universia Spain, Susana García Espinel; the director of Agreements and Patronage in Santander Universities, Jose María García de los Ríos; the general director of San Pablo CEU University Foundation, Javier Tello; the rector of the CEU San Pablo University and director of CEU Universities, Rosa Visiedo; and the vicerrector of Investigation and Faculty of CEU USP, Agustín Probanza, gave the Santander Scholarships to over 45 students and investigators of CEU San Pablo, CEU Cardenal Herrera and Abat Oliba CEU Universities.

During this academic year, Santander Universities has given 550.000 € in helps to the study for students of degree, postgraduate and Phd, helps to make investigative or academic mobilities, and helps given to the hiring of investigators in formation or scolarships of collaboration. Definetely, helps to the development of young talents and their future employability following three fundamental axes: studies, employability and entrepreneurship.

Also, the entitity continues to offer CEU its tecnological, operative and managament collabotation, through the different iniciatives and projects that they developed related to the universities and the university community as Universia Spain, the Intelligent University Card and the AppCrue.

The rector of CEU San Pablo University and director of CEU Universities, Rosa Visiedo, recalled the relation between CEU San Pablo Univeristy Foundation and Santander Universities “it has existed from more than 20 years, thanks to which over 1.000 university students had relied on through the helps to study, mobilities or activities related to investigation”. Also, the rector thanked “Santander Universities for being our partner of travel in the challenge that we have of forming the future generations to build a better world for everyone”

The director of Santander Universities and Universia Spain, Susana García Espinel, stated that “everything starts and ends with education, and that is why for Santander Bank it is already a flagship the help to the people through the education of quality, helping to improve the skills to be more employable and support the enrepreneurers that decide to begin their business from the University.“

Santander Bank keeps a strong commitment with progress and inclusive and sustainable growth with a pioneer bet and consolidated for education, the entreprenourship and employement, developed through Santander Universities from over 25 years and is highlighted among the rest of financial entities of the world. Since the beginning, the bank has given over 2.100 millions of euros and has supported over 790.000 students, professionals and entrepreneurial projects through the agreements with almost 1.000 universities and institutions from 15 countries. 

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