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Award to academic and profesional excellence


As a result of her academic and professional excellence and her wishes to improve the future of our sanitary system, alumni of the degree of Pharmacy Sofia Radley-Searle has received a scholarship to study a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Harvard Business School, given by the Fundación La Caixa. The oficial ceremony will take place this month, given by their majesties The Kings, weeks before her transfer to the Boston Campus (United States). A scholarship, that as the youg pharmaceutical explains, “is given to the candidates that, not only demonstrate their academic and profesional excellence, but have a clear Project to improve our society in different aspects”

After finishing the Pharmacy degree in 2015, bound to the International Billingual Program (IBP) – with the University of Chicago, the CEU alumni entered the “Future Leaders” programs of the Pharamceutical GSK, sector in which she has worked for seven years. Regarding this, she comments that she has had the opportunity to “impact with my job in the lives of thousands of patients thanks to the different positions that I have occupied inside the corporation, in Spain, where I am now the leader of the marketing team of the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), also at a global level in London and the subsidiary of the United Kingdom.

In Radley-Searle’s words, during her academic formation she was focused in exploring how she could help and serve the patients from the basic investigation, but, after these years of development in the pharmaceutical sector, she would like to acquire habilities in areas that she has not developed in; economy, finance, change management, public health, social politics. Sofia states that she wants to learn about these topics to “come back to Spain and help to improve the future of our sanitary system, which is now unsustainable and very inefficient.

Speaking about this change in the sanitary system, the CEU alumni comments that “we can not wait for this to come only from the political or legislative system because it is complicated to manage a change as big as this one from a position that depends on the public opinion”. In this line, she highlights that “the private industry can play a huge role in this aspect, because it is likely that a lot of measures, if we want to keep our sanitary system, can be unpopular at the beginning. But, on this depends that we and our children have a sanitary system that keeps on taking care of the health of the Spanish people.

Radley-Searle has had the opportunity of knowing some scholars, who she describe as “extraordinary and hard working people, with espectacular pasts and even brighter futures, but, over all, with a lot of motivation to do something for the future of our country.” She states that this scholarship is “a privillege and a clear bet on young spaniards that are willing to improve sosciety from every possible and necessary aspect.”

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