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'ArteLateral': a new space for talent

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The University and Grupo LATERAL have established a collaboration agreement aimed at exhibiting work by students of the Degree in Architecture in the premises that the restaurant chain has in Madrid. In particular, the first exhibition space is in the establishment located in the Caleido Shopping Centre (Paseo de la Castellana 259-E). The rector, Rosa Visiedo, and the manager, Carmen García de Elías, have signed this new agreement together with the general director of LATERAL, Eduardo Pérez Arenas.

As a result of this agreement and within the framework of the 'ArteLateral' initiative, the aim is to give visibility to the students' work, so that it can serve as a showcase for their artistic creations during their university experience. Out of all the drawings submitted, 10 winners will be selected by a jury and will remain on display from February to July 2024. There is also the possibility of renewal with an exercise to be agreed upon in the second semester of the academic year, which would be exhibited at the end of the year. 

During the month of February, the first exhibition of first-year students in the subject of 'Analysis of Architectural Forms' took place. Their work corresponds to the exercise 'Drawn Readings', which this year pays tribute to Italo Calvino (on the centenary of his birth), with the representation of the cities that appear in his book 'Invisible Cities'.

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