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Agreement between CEU and LG

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Universidad CEU San Pablo and LG have signed a strategic agreement for the training of students in the School of Economics and Business. The individuals responsible for formalising this alliance are Jaime de Jaraiz, President and CEO of LG Electronics Iberia, along with Rosa Visiedo and Carmen García de Elías, Rector and Manager of Universidad CEU San Pablo. As part of this partnership, the Aula CEU-LG has been launched, a space that will allow students in the Bachelor's degrees in Business Administration and Management and Marketing to develop their skills and abilities  in line with  the needs of the current and future job markets.

LG President Jaime de Jaraiz stated, "Through this agreement, we will collectively advance toward the academic excellence of students with the best technology, enhancing the educational experience and adapting it to current times." In this regard, he highlighted, "We want to introduce newly enrolled university students to important subjects such as sustainability, marketing, finance - key topics in the development of companies. In this way, we are confident that we will help them experience the professional landscape more closely, also boosting their entry into the job market. It is about making a positive impact on the education of all students."

The University's Rector, Rosa Visiedo, emphasised the importance of launching Aula CEU-LG, stating, "It aligns with our strategy of continuing to offer our students the best theoretical and hands-on education through teaching spaces that promote joint projects between the professional and academic worlds." She noted, "We are confident that we can achieve these goals thanks to our alliance with LG, which will allow students to receive complementary training while taking their first steps into the professional field."


University-Business Ecosystem

Universidad CEU San Pablo aims to prepare students for an increasingly demanding and ever-changing work environment. In line with this commitment, it maintains a close relationship with the business world and adjusts its curricula to meet the profiles sought by companies, thereby enhancing employability. This builds a true university-business ecosystem through educational spaces, where joint projects between the professional and academic worlds are promoted and strengthened. Launched in the 2022-2023 academic year, this project has been implemented in all Schools and the Institute of Technology, allowing students to receive complementary training while taking their initial steps into the job market.

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