Parasitological Analysis (SAI-ANP)

Parasitological Analysis (SAI-ANP)

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Dra. Ángela Magnet Dávila


Universidad San Pablo CEU.

School of Pharmacy. Building A, Laboratory 101

Urbanización Montepríncipe s/n



Teléfono: 913724700


Specialised parasitological diagnosis in human, animal and environmental samples:

Microsporidia: Modified trichrome stain, IFA and PCR.

Cryptosporidium: PCR and specific staining.

Cyclospora: Safranin stain and PCR.

Entamoeba histolytica: PCR.

Diagnosis of visceral and ocular Toxocariosis by ELISA and WB.

Malaria: immunochromatography.

Free-living amoebae: Acanthamoeba: Tissue staining, IFA, Real Time-PCR and culture.

Balamuthia: Tissue staining, IFA, Real Time-PCR and culture.

Naegleria: Real Time-PCR.

Parasite detection in environmental samples (water) following EPA 1623 regulations for Cryptosporidium and Giardia. With this methodology we also offer the detection of free-living amoebae, microsporidia and Cyclospora.


Nikon brightfield and immunofluorescence microscopes with image analysis system (Analysis®), microphotography and Normarsky phase contrast.

Parasite culture: Type II biological safety hoods (Faster BHA-36®), multi-temperature culture ovens with and without CO2 (Controltecnica, Heracell®).

Biosafety centrifuges with autoclavable baskets (Megafuge 2.0R®, Heraeus).

Microcentrifuges (Biofuge primo R®, Heraeus) and shaker-disruptor (Fast-Prep 24®, MP Biomedicals).

Water baths, heating plates, orbital and rocker shakers. PHmeters, balances.

Refrigerators and freezers of -40ºC and -80ºC.

Complete equipment for PAGE and WB transfer.

ELISA plate readers.

PCR System 9700 Gene Amp® Thermocyclers, Real Time PCR: Stratagene Mx3000P® (Agilent Technologies).

Water concentration system: IDEEX Filta-Max® Automatic - FMC 11003.