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Agreement with 24Genetics to train future professionals

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24Genetics and CEU San Pablo University have signed a strategic agreement for the training of students in the Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology, which can be extended to other Health Sciences degrees. The CEO of 24Genetics, Nacho Esteban, and the Rector of CEU USP, Rosa Visiedo, have been responsible for signing this collaboration agreement, accompanied by the Deputy Minister for Universities, Science and Innovation, Fidel Rodríguez Batalla, as well as the directors of Madri+d.

With the aim of achieving the best employability for their students, CEU USP has promoted the CEU-Business Aulas in all schools during this academic year. As a result of this commitment to employability, both institutions have created the CEU-24Genetics Aula, which will allow Biotechnology students to train and develop their skills and competencies according to current and future job market needs. Additionally, this partnership includes the development of Research, Development, and Technological Innovation programs in the healthcare field to promote and provide guidance on biotechnology entrepreneurship.

After the signing of the agreement, a talk was held for Biotechnology students, in which Esteban explained the planned programme for the upcoming academic year within the 24Genetics Entrepreneurship Classroom. The CEO of 24Genetics thanked CEU San Pablo University, "with whom we have been collaborating for some time now," for their dedication and commitment to the education of their students, "the true protagonists." In his speech, the founder of 24Genetics emphasised the significant role of entrepreneurship in the business fabric and highlighted that "Madrid is a magnificent city for starting a business."

For her part, the Rector of the University, Rosa Visiedo, emphasised the importance of the launch of the CEU-24Genetics Aula, which "corresponds to our strategy of continuing to offer our Health Sciences students the best theoretical and hands-on training, creating a true university-business ecosystem through educational spaces, where joint projects between the professional and academic worlds are encouraged and enhanced." In that regard, she stated, "we are confident that we can achieve these objectives thanks to our alliance with 24Genetics, which will provide our students with complementary training while taking their first steps in the working world."


About 24Genetics

With thousands of customers in over 100 countries, 24Genetics is the company with the greatest variety of DNA tests in the world: Ancestry, Health, Nutrigenetics, Skincare, Talent and Personality, Sports, and Pharmacogenetics. Last week, the Madrid-based company founded in 2017 presented its new Microbiota report.

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