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The relationship between the university, source of talent, study and research; and companies, providers of know-how and technology, is an essencial element for progress, innovation as well as economic and social development.

Aware of this reality, Universidad CEU San Pablo starts up Business in Class (BIC), a platform which gathers the full offer of professional activities in our classrooms. This new resource aims to help professionals and teachers to carry out an effective role in the education of students, through different initiatives, encouraging mutual knowledge transfer, problems resolution, innovation and overall competitiviness increase.


What entails BIC?

Resource centralisation

A centralised database with experts and professionals in all fields, at our students and teacher's disposal.

Greater collaboration University-Company

A global collaboration project with companies and professionals inside the classroom.


New support tool

A support tool for Schools and their teachers in the framework of Exploria Project.


Dynamic networking community

It is a way to keep in touch and strengthen bonds with our alumni.

How does it work?
Business In Class
How does it work?


  • Masterclass

    Masterclasses taught by professionals and experts in all fields.

    On-campus or, thanks to hyflex technology, combining virtual education with face-to face experiences making the most of both options.


  • Challenges

    Companies set out challenges which students have to solve as part of a course in his/her Degree.

What does the programme offer companies?

  • Problem solving by our students.
  • Development of networking activities among our researchers community.
  • Creation of joint work networks.
  • Contribution with new ideas from our young talent.
  • Specific actions with our high-performing students.

How can we help

In case you need more information, you may contact Career Center by email: career.[email protected]. Leave your information and we will call you back.