The Program

This specific programme, taught by the Boston University professors, is a differentiating element for the student's academic curriculum since it offers cutting-edge education at one of the best universities in the United States and in a leading city in topics related to biotechnology.

This is a unique initiative in Europe, designed by the CEU San Pablo University, to provide for Biotechnology degree and double degree students as well as Biomedical Engineering students the opportunity to a high-quality education with international recognition and prestige. 

Advantages of the Program

Through this special program, the student will receive in addition to his/her official degree at the CEU San Pablo University, a solid formation provided by the professors of the Boston University Metropolitan College in business development models in the biotechnology field, the capital acquisition, license grants and regulations amongst other important aspects regarding newly created companies.

The American educational system provides the students of this program, the opportunity to develop their English levels in scientifical and technical topics to match international standards. It also stimulates the students to develop a critical mindset to achieve the necessary skills needed towards decision making and conflict management.

The city of Boston

Today, the city is home to what could be the world's most important biotechnology cluster, including many research laboratories, large pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer and Sanofi, and the successful gene editing companies. Also, GE's own biotechnology business, GE Healthcare Health Sciences, recently moved its U.S. headquarters to the area. (The parent company will also move to Boston).

Boston University

Boston University is the 4th largest private university in the United States and has 180 years of history. It is in the city of Boston, in the state of Massachusetts. It is one of the most traditional and internationally recognized campuses.

Boston University has 8 Nobel Prize winners, 23 Pulitzer Prize winners, and the National Book Award, among others. In addition, it has best-selling authors of the New York Times and hundreds of nationally renowned academics in each discipline. It is also among the best universities in the world in terms of employability.

BU rankings in 2019:

  • 42nd best University in the United States
  • 46th best University in the world
  • 61st best University in the world in terms of employability

The metropolitan College Faculty

Boston University Metropolitan College (MET) was founded in 1965. For half a century, its mission has been to expand the influence of Boston University, ensuring that the resources of a leading research university are accessible to the community and to the world through the exchange of ideas and an innovative spirit, in which students participate in new perspectives and new challenges.



During their undergraduate studies, the program students will have access to a series of courses, workshops and preparatory seminars prior to their mobility to the United States.

During the mobility, the student will attend:

  • Business of Biotechnology

As well as three of the following listed courses:

  • Financial Concepts
  • Project Management
  • Ecommerce
  • International Business, Economics and Cultures
  • The Innovation Process; Developing New Products and Services

The program is complemented with an internship period in a company in the United States, after the finalization of the academic period at the Boston University.


The students in the program benefit from two different and complementary educational methods that, combined, provide them with a global vision and an ability to adapt, which will be highly valued at the time of entering to the labour market.


The program modules are taught in English, as well as the papers and works related to the program. Although the program offers the possibility of improving the student's English level, it is aimed at candidates with already a high level of English (C1).

Degree Obtained

  • “Advanced Graduate Certificate in International Business” granted by the Boston University
  • CEU Bilingual Program Diploma granted by the CEU San Pablo University (*)

(*) Studies that do not lead to an officially recognized qualification


This program is open to students who are pursuing a bilingual degree in Biotechnology or a double degree in Pharmacy and Biotechnology at the CEU San Pablo University and who meet the academic and linguistic requirements (see Admission section).

  • Degree in Biotechnology
  • Degree in Biomedical Engineering
  • Double Degree in Pharmacy + Biotechnology
  • Double Degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering and Biomedical Engineering



Admission Conditions

In order to access this program, students must pass the university entrance exams, which will include an English test, a test of competences and a personal interview with a program coordinator. 

After the general access tests, the candidate will have a personal interview with a program coordinator.

Specific Conditions for Mobility to Boston

To be able to apply for a mobility to the Boston University, students will have to score a level of 560 pts in the TOEFL ITP test, or 84 pts in the TOEFL IBT test, or 6.5 pts in the IELTS test and have previously passed at least 180 credits of the degree taken at the CEU San Pablo University.

The student must comply with all the administrative and legal requirements demanded by the Boston University and respect the code of conduct of that university.

How to apply

In order to apply, please visit our Admission service.



  1. Who should participate in the program?

    The program is aimed at students of Biotechnology or double degree in Biotechnology, Pharmacy and Biomedical Engineering at the CEU San Pablo University with a clear international vocation and an extensive knowledge of English, interested in achieving an international bilingual education of excellence.

  2. What level of English is required?

    The student must demonstrate a level of English of C1 that allows him/her to follow and participate fluently in a class in English.

  1. Do students in the program have access to any other mobility program?

    Yes, mobility to the Boston University is compatible with other types of bilateral international mobility or Erasmus. Students who wish to carry out another mobility will have to comply with the requirements established by the School of Pharmacy and consult in advance with the Program's Academic Coordinator to ensure that this mobility is compatible with the completion of the program's modules.

  2. What requirements must the student meet in order to participate in a mobility to the Boston University?

    Before the mobility, the student will have to score 560 pts in the TOEFL ITP exam, 84 pts in the TOEFL IBT exam, or 6,5 pts in the IELTS exam and have achieved at least 180 ECTS of his degree.