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Julián Romea 20 28003 Madrid Tl. 91 456 63 18


About us

  • Vice Chancellor for Internationalization and Digital Transformation
    Iñaki Bilbao Estrada, Ph. D.
  • Deputy Vice-Rector for Internationalisation and Digital Transformation
    Ainhoa Uribe Otalora, Ph. D.
  • Academic Secretary of Center for Study Abroad
    Carolina Hurtado Marcos, Ph.D.
  • Coordinator of Center for Study Abroad
    Teresa Mª Cilleruelo Tempelmann
Julián Romea 20 28003 Madrid Tl. 91 456 63 18

Center for Study Abroad. Universidad CEU San Pablo is a Center where students can take a program at a prestigious university outside of their country. During this period a student is enrolled in undergraduate credit bearing courses and integrated into the host culture and will share the classrooms with study abroad / international students. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the world and gain resume-building experience while earning college credits. The methodology is hands-on and seminar-style and the students will have access not only professors but to experts and working professionals.

Improve your Intermediate or Advanced Spanish and take Business courses both in English and in Spanish during spring semester

If you feel that your class-load is too high to study abroad during the academic year, there is still a way to integrate an international experience during the summer. Next Summer you can take a science course taught in English and develop your Spanish language skill while learning new customs, widen your worldview and improving your employability.

Study abroad programs are available for students in science and business majors.


In Country Orientation

Living or being in the host culture does not automatically produce interculturality. The student needs a strategy to cope with the new circumstances and adjust his/her expectations. In order to avoid unpleasant situations and reach well-being the students needs to develop a strategy. Prior to the arrival in our university the student gets from us a pre-departure orientation. This includes cultural aspects such as dressing code, communication style, food and drinks and behaviour code. Beside that students will be provided with information about accommodation, transportation, packing and other practical aspects.

Once the students have arrived at the university the orientation session occurs on the first day of the program. Students will meet the staff, have an overview of the program, get to know the facilities at the University, and get general information about the city. Additionally, safety on campus, basic data protección information, and the main students’ rights and responsibilities at San Pablo CEU University will be explained.

Course Options

BUSINESS (12 Semester credits) & INTERNSHIP

Improve your Intermediate or Advanced Spanish and take Business courses both in English and in Spanish.

Join us in Madrid for a semester course that allows you to obtain an international business academic experience sharing classrooms with international students in world-class facilities.

Enjoy an outstanding training opportunity immersing yourself in Spanish culture while gaining work experience.

The program is designed for students with a major in Business, Finance or Economics (but other majors can be considered). There is a huge offer of courses taught in Spanish, especially Business and Spanish Culture classes. Courses in English include: Advertising Management, Merchandising, Economy Policy or Business Operation Management.

Students will have the opportunity to gain a view of Business and Banking Ethics and European financial markets. Furthermore students will improve their level of Spanish and learn about Spanish Literature. Additionally, we can tailor courses to the specific needs of a university.


Students with an Advanced Spanish language level, B1 or above, will have the opportunity to do an internship in a company where they will assume different functions being supervised by a tutor.


Catherine - University of Connecticut

Overall, I really loved the Spanish study abroad program run by CEU. Right off the bat we were placed in an immersion class where we were able to jog our memories off all the Spanish we had previously learned, as well as some new material to help aclimate us to our new academic environment. We were then placed in 4 classes, all taught in Spanish which challenged us to use our Spanish in all forms of communication. The school then sent out our resumes to businesses around Madrid in order to secure us a business internship that was a good fit for us. I couldn't be more happy in my internship and I believe it was the perfect fit for what I want to do in the future as well as my studies in the United States. I feel that I am now more prepared for my future career and I have made very important connections and friendships along the way. I had a great experience with this program and I believe it will only get better!

Kailey - Connecticut United States

My experience at CEU was nothing short of amazing! I arrived in Madrid a week before formal classes began, which allowed me to take a Spanish intensive course at CEU to begin with the immersion process. I than began my classes that ranged from a Spanish language course to a course focused on navigating the Bloomberg terminals. Not only did my Spanish greatly improve during my time at CEU but I was also able to take business classes that are extremely applicable to my course study back in the US. In addition to all of this, I had the most amazing internship placement. I know the internship office works very hard to match students, especially foreign students, to an internship placement that will be useful and applicable for their futures, and it's surely proven true, as I couldn't ask for a better internship


The nursing program allows students to take courses to complete their degree, learn about nursing practices in Spain, gain new competencies, learn about a different teaching methodology, student environment, and a different culture

The curriculum of the course includes tailored made subjects and existing subjects of different degrees.

The student will take courses of new creation such as Perspectives in Nursing, Nursing in Geriatrics and Anatomy-Physiology. On the other hand, the student can choose several optional subjects from the wide range USP offers, such as Applied Psychosocial Sciences, Statistics I, Nutrition and Dietetics, Social Doctrine of the Church or Spanish Language.

During the course, they will also make visits to a senior center and hospital and to observe the professional practice of Nursing.


Courses in Humanities, Advertising and Public Relations; Audiovisual Communication; Digital Communication and Journalism are offered to students at the Faculty of Humanities and Communication Science. Many of them are hands-on courses and students can combine classes from different majors (e.g. Basics of Photography and Aesthetics and Spanish Literature of the 20th Century).

Students participate in class with Spanish and international students.

Professors and staff welcome students and help them integrate into the university community. With their assistance and being exposed to the Spanish language, allows them to assimilate not only the language but also the Spanish culture.


Students with an Intermediate/Advanced Spanish language level, B1 minimum Courses and designed for students in Humanities or Communication degrees.


Discover the World of Pharmacy through one of the best Pharmacy Schools in Europe. You will obtain a comprehensive overview of the different areas in Pharmacy with lectures from Key Opinion leaders in different fields, visit pharma facilities in Madrid and pioneering biotech companies who are leading in new markets, as well as intense hands-on practice at research labs.

Students will receive introductory lectures about promising scientific breakthroughs (like drug discovery and diagnostics in emerging areas as Oncology, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Inflammation, Diabetes, etc.) from professors and industry experts in the field. Students will be assigned to different university’s labs, where they will take part in the work carried out by international research groups and participate in the weekly department meetings. During the last week, students will present their findings to faculty and the rest of the class.

Students with majors in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Toxicology or related sciences can apply to the course

Studying Pharmacy Practice in Spain:

Language of Instruction

English (Science), Spanish (Spanish. Language and Culture course).
English or Spanish (Business).


English or Spanish (Humanities).

Transcript of records

Once the students have completed successfully the course the transcript of records will be emailed to her/his home university.

Dates & Prices

Business & Internship program lasts from January to May 2019


Program Cost:

  • Business & Internship

    Cost includes Tuition and Accommodation with Meal Plan (3 meals per day)

  • Practical Introduction to the World of Pharmacy + Spanish Language and Culture: 4,810 Euros

    Cost includes Tuition, Group airport transfer, Welcome reception & Orientation, On-site Staff Support, Room in Residence Hall with Meal Plan (3 meals per day), Cultural activities, Weekend Trip to Valencia and visit to the City of Arts and Sciences, Closing Ceremony, Assistance Abroad Health Insurance.

The program fee does not include: Airfare, special medical needs, independent travel expenses, visa and passport fees or other personal expenses.

Humanities: September to December 2018 (Fall) - February to June 2019 (Spring)

APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 15, 2018 (Spring) - June 10, 2019 (Fall)

The duration of the science programs (Practical Introduction to the World of Pharmacy + Spanish Language and Culture / Digital manufacture + Spanish Language and Culture) is 5 weeks. The courses take place from June 25 until July 30, 2019.


Health & Safety

Assistance Abroad Health Insurance included in science courses.

Assistance Abroad Health Insurances covers heath needs, emergencies, and accidents in Spain for the duration of the program.


There is an emergency evacuation plan which will be explained during the orientation day.

All students will designate emergency contacts to receive information only in case of an emergency.

The Spanish police make some recommendations: + INFO


Business & Internship program
Application deadline: October 15, 2018 (Spring)

Application deadline: October 15, 2018 (Spring) - June 10, 2019 (Fall)

Science programs
Application deadline: March 21, 2019

Please fill this form for the Application and send it to
Vice-Rectorate for International Relations
Center for Study Abroad, Universidad CEU San Pablo
Teresa Mª Cilleruelo Tempelmann

Once we receive it and process it, you will get a confirmation of acceptance and you can enroll in the course.

Useful Information

These are important telephone numbers:

Emergencies in Spain. Phone: 112
Municipal Police in Spain- Phone: 092
National Police in Spain. Phone: 091

Telephone Codes

The country code for Spain is 34. To dial Spain from another country, dial “34” followed by the city code, 91 for Madrid, and phone number. From Spain, you need to dial “00” followed by the country, area code and phone number.

You may find any information about Madrid and the activities of your interest in:

About Madrid

Madrid is a large ever-growing city with approximately five million inhabitants. It is located in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula, on a plateau of 650 metres of height. The climate is continental, which means that it gets quite cold in the winter and very hot in the summer.

Madrid is a very lively city. There are plenty of traditional cafés, chocolate shop cafés, summer terraces and tapas bars. Mingling with locals is quite easy, they are very welcoming and are used to hosting people coming from other parts of the country or the world. There are facilities available to practice any kind of sport.

The city offers many other leisure opportunities. There is a wide range of opportunities related to art, particularly when it comes to painting. Madrid has three fabulous art galleries: the Museo del Prado, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and the Modern Art Centre Reina Sofía, which are located in the same area and are referred to as "The Art Triangle".

Along with museums and traditional places of tourist interest, such as the Retiro Park or the Rastro (flea market of traditional and second-hand objects) are worth a visit, as well as the Madrid de los Austrias (The Madrid of the Habsburgs) or the Plaza Mayor (Main Square). There also are many interesting short trips outside the city at a short distance. An hour away, or even less, you can find El Escorial, El Pardo, Toledo, Segovia, Aranjuez, Chinchón, La Granja.