Five reasons to study at Universidad CEU San Pablo

The CEU San Pablo University focuses on a complete academic model based upon excellence. Through practical training and thanks to the very best teaching staff and resources, our graduates receive the best national and international academic formation and have from the first moment direct contact with the job market. These are the keys to our academic excellence model:


We are one of the oldest private schools in Spain and have a broad network of alumni present in more than 40 countries. CEU is a prestigious and solid educational institution with more than 80 years of experience in high-level teaching.


We offer a large number of degrees, both bilingual and in English, as well as other optional languages through supplementary programs. We also offer a large variety of international and study-abroad programs which will allow you to complete part of your degree in some of the best universities in the world.

We are an actual and globally connected university with the most prominent university and research networks worldwide. The CEU San Pablo University is the only Spanish University with international programs with the most prestigious Universities such as: Boston University, The Chicago University, UCLA Extension and Fordham University. We also offer bilingual degrees, international exchange programs with over 350 international agreements, international internships, the Summer university and the visit of international professors. All this constitutes our compromise of providing the student with international experience.


Our formation goes beyond theory; it is linked from the beginning with real scenarios that the students will face when working. The formation has a practical undertone and it is carried out in the innovative faculties with the latest technologies available. We also offer internships with over 9000 agreements. Only through these, our students acquire the necessary abilities and knowledge required to excel in their respective fields. 95% of our master students and 79% of our degree students land a job in their respective areas of expertise despite of the economic recession. We also support entrepreneurship by providing the necessary resources and services so our students may achieve their own professional projects.


We rank first among Spanish private universities in terms of the greatest investment in merit and academic excellence scholarships, as well as in financial aid.

Our University is the private institution in Spain in terms of investments in scholarships and economic aids for students. Our goal is to leave no student without a possibility to study because of economic reasons. To this end, we provide the Merit Program Scholarships, the Merit Program 100, the studying welfare grants, Scholarships of University studies and singing, and other grants of public and private nature. All of them are granted after having individually and thoroughly reviewed the personal situation and the academic performance of the student.


We prepare our students to become outstanding professionals but, more importantly, persons of integrity, with an education based on the values of Christian Humanism.

The University is an admirable European invention, which, since its origins, has endeavoured to establish a genuine community of people within it, to create and transmit science, to provide a space open to criticism and peaceful debate of ideas in its tireless search for truth, to commit itself to the solution of the problems that beset society, serving it, but at the same time guiding it with a free and independent spirit.