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Life in our Campus

University life is much more than what do in the classroom. If you wish to enhance your creativity and skills and meet students from other degrees, we offer you the chance to join our workshops and clubs, many of which are led by students. And, should you not find what you’re looking for, we always support the creation of new clubs by students.

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If you want to make the most of your time at university, you should combine your studies with other activities that open your horizons and help you get in touch with students from other degrees.

Club de debate

Debate Club

The Club is one of the most important university experience. You will learn oral expression techniques, improve your critical ability and take part in tournaments, university competitions and parlamentary simulations. You will have the opportunity to make friends among your classmates, students from other degrees and universities, from Madrid and all over Spain.

Club de Música

Music Club

Weekly musical rehearsals, and the possibility of rehearsing individually, as well as different performances and concerts both in halls and bars, and at university events. At the Montepríncipe Campus we have a room with all the necessary equipment for a good pop-rock band, drums, amps, bass, guitars, keyboard, table and speakers.

Club de E-Sports

eSports Club

Join us in the fascinating world of gaming, where our hobbies reach a more professional level. Make the most of your skills and aptitudes to enjoy the gamer experience. Take part in different internal tournaments (FIFA, Mario Kart...) as well as university national leagues, where you will be able to represent the University in the Amazon University E-sports.

Club de Economía

Economics Club

The world of economics is full of unknowns, of variables that, whether we know about them or not, directly affect our lives. From the Universidad CEU San Pablo Economics Club, we seek to demystify all those concepts that you were curious to know, all carried out among new friends and colleagues.

Club DJ

DJ Club

Learn the keys to play music and meet the rest of the University DJs. There are learning sessions at the Club and we will have the opportunity to do live sessions at the University itself. You can use these as training if you are considering DJing in venues.

Club Internacional


This club's establishment is to make our university life more meaningful by strengthening the interconnection between national and international students. In light of this connection, students can sharpen their communication skills, develop teamwork, decrease stress levels, and have a better balance of work and fun. We welcome any students, either national or international, enthusiastic about joining and making our community a friendly and engaging environment. Students' only requirement is to be respectful and appreciative toward one another regardless of race, ethnicity, and gender.

Club de Astronomía

Astronomy Club

It is aimed at all those who enjoy being surprised and amazed by the observation and knowledge of other galaxies, stars and the whole world of observation technology, research and exploration of our galaxy. Stargazing trips are organised in the evenings, to the Planetarium, Lunar Museum, etc.

Club de bolsa

Stock Exchange Club

If financial markets and investments interest you, join the new university Stock Exchange Club. It will encourage you to learn about investment in all types of assets, as well as the sharing of different investment ideas.

In addition, the club will participate in the university stock exchange league organised between different universities in Spain, and for the first time this year, from different parts of the world.

Cultural activities


  • Fashion Club
  • Amigos de Madrid Club
  • Protocol Club
  • Mini-series Club
  • Humanities Club
  • Photography Club
  • Improvisational Theatre Club
  • Writing Workshop
  • Painting Workshop

Other activities

  • Introductory Classes to blues, rock and country guitar
  • TEATROZ Theatre Company
  • Aula cultural del vino (a cultural organisation for all things wine-related)
  • Ballroom Dance
  • Creativity Competition

Activities for CEU Students

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