Thinking of Classical Antiquity and European Legal History

Group: Thinking of Classical Antiquity and European Legal History

Acronym: PACDHE

Registry number: C20/0720

School/Centre: LAW


  • (Main researcher)
  • 2. Gerez Kraemer, Gabriel
  • 3. Palomo Pinel, Carmen
  • 4. Oriol Salgado, Manuel

Research thematic areas:

  • Roman Public Law
  • Legal Reasoning
  • History of European Law

UNESCO Code: 560204


Roman Thinking, Roman Law, History of Law, History of Europe, the European Union

Relevant characteristics of the research group (description of the group's activity):

The group is composed of researchers specialised in different fields (roman law, classical philology, philosophy, history of law), from USP-CEU and other Spanish Universities (Carlos III), as well as International Universities (University of Pisa, Universidad de Chile) which collaborate in three main lines of research. The first focuses on historic bankrupcy law that has consolidated with the concession of two sucessive projects, from the Santander Bank and and another from the state R&D of excellence, dedicated to the study of the work 'De conturbatoribus sive decoctoribus', by Benvenuto Stracca (16th century).

The second line of research is aimed at analysing legal reasoning. In relation to this, the group has just been chosen by the BBVA Foundation as a recipient of funding for a project entitled 'Definitio: the concept of definition in law through classical philosophical and legal thought' ('Definitio: el concepto de definición en derecho a través del pensamiento filosófico y jurídico clásico'). Finally, the line dedicated to Roman public law brings together the work of teachers in the area of Roman Law at the USP-CEU over the decades. The works of Professor Gerez, on water law (his latest monograph is from 2020), of Professor Palomo on various aspects of public law in relation to patristics, and those of the Lead Researcher, Juan Manuel Blanch, on fiscal law bear witness to this long trajectory that is part of Professor Antonio Fernández de Buján's school of study of Roman public law.