Interdisciplinary Study of the Family: an Institution at the service of the common good

Group: Interdisciplinary Study of the Family: an Institution at the service of the common good


Registry number: G20/1-03

School/Centre: LAW


  • Gallego García, Elio Alfonso (Main researcher)
  • Nistal González, Fernando
  • Sánchez Maíllo, Carmen
  • Vélez Fraga, Ondina
  • Pérez Fernández-Turégano, Carlos
  • Fernández de la Cigoña Cantero, Carmen
  • Cebrián Guinovart, Elena
  • Díaz Tartalo, María Teresa
  • Vallejo Rodríguez, Lucia

Research thematic areas:

  • Humanities 
  • Social Sciences
  • Health Science

UNESCO Code: 560203


Family, Parenthood, Motherhood, Interdisciplinarity

Relevant characteristics of the research group (description of the group's activity):

INVESTFAM's starting hypothesis is the verification of the role of the family as an institution at the service of the common good and therefore absolutely necessary in the development of any society. The current reality of the family presents numerous perspectives and facets that need to be considered. The researchers of the group consider it urgent to analyse the family institution in an interdisciplinary perspective. The research team is made up of a group of inter-faculty and interdisciplinary professors, which is why it brings together a series of areas of knowledge particularly relevant to the object of our study, such as: philosophy, history, law, economics, communication sciences and audiovisual media and bio-health sciences.

The research work of the INVESTFAM group aims to highlight the irreplaceable value of the family and to show that society moves towards the common good if there are stable, deep-rooted, permanent and fruitful families within it, as the family transfers these characteristics of stability, permanence and rootedness to the rest of society.

The research team also aims to disseminate studies that promote the recovery of scientific, medical, social and cultural arguments that demonstrate that sexual difference, as well as different and complementary sexual identities, are an asset in the growth and education of children. We understand that reconstructing fatherhood and motherhood is an essential aspect of personal and family happiness, which results in the common good of society as a whole.

Contact: [email protected]