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Research in Communication through Image and Design

Group: Research in Communication through Image and Design

Acronym: ICOIDI

Registry number: G20/3-04



  • González Díez, Laura (Main researcher)
  • Tabuenca Bengoa, María
  • Kolotouchkina, Olga
  • Guerrero González-Valerio, Beatriz
  • Navío Navarro, Mariché
  • Bonete Vizcaíno, Fernando
  • Martín Critikián, Davinia
  • Marugán Solís, Fernando
  • Ventura Salom, Borja
  • Cenizo Ruiz Bravo, Coral

Research thematic areas:

  • Graphic design of information: typography, image (photography, illustration and infography) and colour
  • Design, edition and production of informative and advertising content in digital environments
  • Creativity and Advertising Graphics

UNESCO Code: 5910.02


Graphic Design, Typography, Image, Photography, Illustration, Infographics, Colour

Relevant characteristics of the research group (description of the group's activity):

The strategic scope of the group's research activity is situated around Informative Graphics, specifically in Graphic Design in general and Journalistic Design in particular, with special attention to image (photography, illustration and infography), typography, colour, as well as the edition and production of information and advertising creativity, with special attention to technology and the formal aspect of new media and supports for the dissemination of contents. The ANEP knowledge area to which the group is linked is the Social Sciences (CS), sub-area of Audiovisual Communication and Journalism.

The origin of the group is to be found in the research work carried out since 1995 by the group's main researcher and some of its current members. Since then, five books have been published, numerous book chapters, more than twenty articles in scientific journals, more than 50 papers and presentations at international conferences and two exhibitions on Typography have been organised. He has supervised more than a dozen doctoral theses, more than 200 bachelor's and master's degree final projects. Between 2004 and 2006 he obtained funding for the research project Evolución del diseño gráfico de medios informativos escritos en España (Reference USP 03/04). For more than two decades, he has been organising the Jornadas de Gráfica Informativa y Comunicación digital: Fotografía, Edición y Diseño which, with twenty-three editions, constitute a forum for reflection and discussion on trends in the Graphic Design of information.

Contact: [email protected]

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